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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Do People Still Read Blogs?

There was/were once, 
we were so hyped up with all these new platform for us to express our feelings
There was/were once, 
we tried to changed the interface with html and doing it for countless times, trial and error
There was/were once,
we select pictures out of thousands, editing it to perfect to be posted in our blogs
There was/were once,
we commented in every friend's blog after they updated
There was/were once,
it's a secret place where we hid our little secret
There was/were once,
everyone started their own blog, and it became a public diary

Now, there is Facebook, blogs seems to be less interested, but it became safe again.

How much of you still write blogs and read blogs?
I m happy to say, i am back, like finally.

Too much to say. like really TOO MUCH.

Year 2016-Year 2017 Transition period,
alot had changed

my best friend found his first love; and still going on
my best friend get a job in saudi; and still enjoy drinking
after my best friend's first single valentines, she get a boyfriend; and gonna be married
my best friend finally get to enter his favourite career; and having a great life
my best friend finally opened his new shop; still working hard
and alot more of changes....

and, i have met someone; it had just gone sour
and, i finally resigned; 5 more days to wrap this

the transition made me realized that life is kept changing, you could never predict what will happen next, including your own life. 

well maybe the next update, i would become a grab driver. 
Who knows. No one knows. Not even the GOD.

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Cadie Chua said...

Hey yea, I guess yes, you've become a grab car driver... hahaha
jiayou jiayou!