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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Updates 1

As usual, my opening will starts off like this:" it has been a few months since my last update, I am too busy for this this this that that that." 

Tbhlah, I am near to notorious for being "TOO BUSY" 
when people date me they will starts off with lines like:" heay, should we meet up, you're always busy one la " " heay busy girl, wanna meet up?" "when only can we meet?"

nah! Proof hahhaaaa

I did always wonder if I am really that busy or too lazy sometimes, but basically I will never turn down meet ups la unless I'm tied up with different schedules in the same time, I will normally go for the one who set down the dates first, of course there will be exceptions la, like very urgent matters, or for those that who came back once a year that type of gathering la... But recently, spontaneous meet ups are quite my thing, will not be pressured too much on the time, as you guys know I don't have a decent time management behaviour lol (unless for work matters) For now, I am quite relax, and I have more time for myself unlike previously, I don't even have time for my family. 

Previously, Priorities; Now, Priorities, and a Combination of Mood and Feel.
okay running too far from topics lol come back first.
FYI, yours truly have resigned finally!!! After so much of contemplation, I've decided to resign. Being indecisive for the longest time in my life. It's so hard to let go your own files and pass to another person you know? Okayla, I am not that hardworking also la..lol resign jiu resign la...why 舍不得 (can't let go) right? So now, I am free, not that "free" ah..it's that freedom that free lol

Updates 1. HK TRIP 

YES YOU DID NOT SEE WRONG!!! HK, a place where I always longing for, am a TVB fans since I started watching HK DRAMA, thinking maybe when I was still a baby lol, and I finally made it to HONG KONG!!! with friend's friend..a different gang...too much to say, just can't explain in words. So, pictures time!!


 the famous "luk lau tai 碌楼梯" or the "keng sam si 倾心事"place..

 the Crystal cable car to meet the Big Buddha

 the Peak

 Ocean Park

 The Symphony of Lights

 I am always being adventurous, the more thrilling it is, the more i want it

the 70's street

 Emo shit? hahaha my 后尾枕 quite pretty haha


 my wish: to visit every court in every country (if possible)

 Eating 艇仔粥 in small boat

Super Vain

end the HK trip with my Vain selfie ;)


Love, Fion


Rachel Shiling said...

Picture do the talk LOL

Fion Chow said...

Too many pics kenot upload all my post will burst lol