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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Luck or Hardwork

Today, Mr Tan has found me a mover, thanks God, I have always been lucky


Maybe because I am always lucky, I take things for granted. 

My studies, my exams, my assignments, my family and also my friends. 
It's a smooth sailing boat all these while, until my LLB, I got a third class (Hons), well to be honest, a third class shouldn't match with the sacred word "Honours". 

Well, this is not the end, I failed my CLP, that was the hardest time in my life, I couldn't believe I actually FAILED IT. 

year 2012 (the year i failed), my mum actually shows me this article = =

And then, I am "lucky" again by my own hard work, those late nights in the Library, It will be a life time memory and shouldn't be forgotten, and I got a conditional pass!! CONDITIONAL PASS!! the luck makes wonders again!! when I thought second sitting was the worst, no, conditional pass is even worst, yes, I am considered lucky to get a conditional pass rather than to failed it again, but the thing is, if i fail this, I am DONE, so I visited the library again, i was quite late that day, it's a Saturday afternoon, I met this person at the doorsteps of the library, was it luck or what, he taught me by reading my Evidence in a time frame, so i can monitor my pace, and he even draft the timetable out for me, I'm grateful  this time, deep from my heart, at first I have no idea how to start, and where to start, by this timetable, I kinda get the flow, and I passed my CLP after all these hardcore mental breakdown!! thanks Josh! owe you a big time.


end of year 2014, I officially finish my chambering, my 9 months pupillage.

today, while drafting my long call speech and look into my cert, the thought of inferior never get passed me, actually it's eleventh hour for me to realised that, i am never good in academics or athletics, or to say i am never proud of myself up to this stage. 

There was once, my "friend" said:" do you think she's a suitable person to be a lawyer? "and questioned me " why do you want to be a lawyer?" i was dumbfounded. 
well, there are more peoples like that do not believe i can be a lawyer.

As a happy go lucky person like me, i followed what my heart asked me to do, and tbh, i strive my best to prove that i can do it.  It's a title that carries so much burden with tonnes of disses and hope. 

10 days later, I will carry the title all by my own. Inferiority strikes coz i am not ready. 
whatever, still i am becoming a lawyer, confidence would build up eventually? by experience?

I hope everything will be fine. and for those who looked down at me. thank you.
you make me realized what matters. now you can effing shut your mouth. God Bless You.
Find me if you're in a trouble lol

It's still too surreal

Love, Fion


Cadie Chua said...

Dear please, I've always admired your ability to study law, those endurance, please. please please. ;)

and I must say,
Congratulation! :D

Fion Chow said...

Thank you so much for your support :)