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Friday, November 14, 2014

Chambering Life

Chambering..by hearing the word itself makes me tremble...
They said it's a stepping stone before you begin the so called LAWYER life... (Intern)
or you can called it a training session or to prep yourself to suit the LAWYER life better. 

Starting from mid January. Filed in my papers only in end of February. Today, it's my 9th months of chambering, to be honest,  by now, i should've mastered all of my works, but i feel that am so not prepared. 

I sound so incompetent huh? 

Somehow i am convinced by my lawyer friends, every one of them pass through this stage, the feeling of unsure, incompetent, your guts and pride scattered into pieces then to dust. 
You just need to stand up and collect the pieces and have a refresh start AGAIN.

Suffered frm massive hair loss, shoulder ache, back ache, migraine, i even have BIG STROKE OF GREY HAIR. Friends have been asking me "are you okay, you look so tired" "omg what's wrong with your hair?" yes i got that alot. Well, i am not saying i am the only one suffering from stress, loads of chambee are having the same problem as well, and this actually makes me think alot, i am already complaining in this early stage, am i a suitable person, or to be frank, a competent lawyer. 

This shouldn't be a reflect post, as my chambering life is ending, like in a few days time, i should be happy and relief, but can't help!! Once i stop chambering, the responsibilities strikes. Human makes mistakes, but Mistakes really made me a failure, i felt so inferior, and die a little inside. 
this picture saved me, Albert Einstein saved me a little from drowning

My future, my work, my life, my career, one single steps affect my entire lifetime. it's like a split path now... to left or to right? litigation or convey? Still struggling thou,  gosh i have no idea what's going through my mind now, it's all in mess. 

Heay i am not ready yet. "Lawyer Fion" it's just too EARLY...

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SeReNa said...

Be confident.
You are better than this!