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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

City Kaffa

I am here again searching for the perfect ambience and the mood to sooth my feels... 
If you're wondering where is it, it's CITY KAFFA. 

The owners of this cafe are all Hinhua high School alumni.. So it's well knowned among the alumnies... Eventually it has become our new hang out spot...Supporters Yo!  

The jazz music that plays along really are the pleasure in my ears...Eargasm!!
Well, for once we brought our own CD, and request them to play it!! lmao KPOP moment!! Anyway, sipping their secret menu's tea(shakerato?) is the best... 
I can just sit and drink and enjoy the moment!!!or perhaps a whole day.  

If you are interested with the secret menu, just go ahead and request from the barrister, Kim
U can even go in to the bar and make your own drink with the guidance of Kim! 
That's where you can be a barrister wannabe when you yourself can make your own coffee art!

Kim, the barrister. 

Picture Time!! These are my favourite spot

the secret menu Tea I have no idea what's the name lol, i will just say : As Usual.

My favourite bar table, I really love how they decorate the place 

 The lighting is definitely in your perfect comfortable level

Cozy isn't ?

 Figurine of nut crackers everywhere 

The motto of this cafe :" we treat it more as a community than a transaction"

hence, I can be really relax and comfortable when I am here because I think I am back at home...of course you still need to pay for your drinks lah!! lol 

The range of coffee here is quite wide and you can customise your own drink too!!!  It's not too expensive compared with other cafes.. Oh ya! not forgetting to mention they even have syphon coffee!!!

They have some small snack food available too! But be ready, sometimes when the cook is too lazy (lack of human resource) they will close the kitchen... Talking about food, I m craving for their potato salad again!!!

My favourite drink after the tea...Mocktail latte

Holla.. I wanna enjoy my tea now :) 

Remember to stopby here for a coffee if your're in klang!! 
It's just opposite Jusco Aeon Bukit Tinggi and above Burgerland in Bandar Botanic...

  • Add:98-1,Jalan Mahogani 1/KS7,
  • Bandar Botanic
  • 41200 Klang

Operation hours- (3pm- unknown)

Tel: 03-3319 8180

Web: https://www.facebook.com/citykaffa/timeline

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