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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 Resolution

Look what have I found on my last year resolution blog post??? 
the ultimate resolution of year 2013 and I FINALLY DID IT!!!
every single time talking about the pain of taking CLP will make me shed a tear...well...at least i did it anyway despite the hardships.

Whole year of 2013 do me no good in all aspect...
But at least i scored in studies?!
I have no regrets for studies cuz I did my best and gave all in!! 

courage and determination is the keyword! Thank you to everyone that helped me throughout the whole year in regards of my examination...I really appreciate it....it's my final and ultimate resolution afterall :) 

Anyways I have to set another goal for year 2014...what else should I achieve?? I wanna be a better person a better daughter, a better friend, which lead me to a perfect lifestyle, anyway it's a bit wide well as you know, i am a chambering pupil now ( i did tell you guys i am chambering didnt i? HA) now you know, 9 months, if without any shits going on with my life and without any major obstacles, i will be called to the Bar, which means i will become a lawyer after 9 months. *finger crossed* so hope it's going smoothly. Okay back to the topic, what should i achieve in this year? 2014 a new turning point of my life, working life. i've decided i want to lose weight to my ideal body shape, which i've ranting about it for all of my life till now, i had some small achievement in that last year, but today this working lifestyle makes me go FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT, so i am back to my diet again! 

okay so DEAL rite?? ultimate resolution for Year 2014 is LOSE WEIGHT to my IDEAL BODY SHAPE by Exercising and healty diet.  
HOLLA! it was supposed to be posted like before 2014, but now it's like overdue for months and i begged myself to do it before April, so yeah. Adios!

Actually every year my ultimate resolution is to get a boyfriend = = fml till then 

yeah working attire = =

fat right? omg eat icecream somemore orZ

Last one liao i promise! haha...Selfie of myself

One more point to sum up my 2014 awesomely would be a TRIP to overseas fund by myself.


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