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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hi it's MY MONTH

Time flies, it's already august, looking at the table calendar that still on the page, dreadful month of mine: JULY. The most fidgeting and agitating moment of my life, yes my exam month, gracefully the 2nd time! I've gave all in I guess, there's nothing more can be done at the moment, hence found myself a job, to fill in the times while waiting for my results. 

Yes, 2nd time, a teacher, a BM teacher, what I've got myself into... Seriously, it's not about the teaching, it's all about the talking, I CANT SPEAK MALAY...okay maybe exaggerating, of course as a degree holder, had A's for all the BM exam, I can but it's insufficient, because I barely speak Malay  even yes, it's all rojak, you know, it's normal for a Malaysian to mix all in one, the 1st day was the pain in the arse, I have to think before I speak every single sentence, I have to form the sentence in my mind before I spoke. Say hello to hell. I just don't want to ruin their interest towards BM, though myself not fond of it. "Cikgu tengah cuba hard" I'm trying my best, asking answer from all the teachers. I have to say , primary school syllabus are different from the old days, VERY. Education system F.A.I.L.E.D. 

Aside from this, I was very contented and overwhelmed by the welcomes from the teachers?? and of course my favourite little kids from the class I taught last year. They are still cute as ever, I can never resist cute kids ever since I've became a teacher.

I nearly cried on the presence of the little present on my table on the 1st day of my work.

these two that want me to be available on the day of their dance performance.

glad most of them miss me like how i miss them

I am hell of lucky to be back to this school, my very own school. 

invited to the teachers party

they included me in the sing k session they are a bunch of crazy teachers XD so do i

Next, let me recall what happened, i have bad memory, thanks to technology, our records are always there inside your phone!! and i am a photo person so YEAH...

cady's birthday in Loudspeaker and Upstairs cafe...
it was before her Taiwan trip hope she enjoy this early celebration

steamboat session with miki and shirly it's called the KPOP session ;) 

and the KK run ;( i m dying it's so tiring but KK is good for running tho

Happy birthday to Qyin...we celebrated her bday at her home...YEAH 
i know right..HAHAHA 

 next is Logan's bday in Subang Parade Nandos!! 
met old friends frm college and UK 
cheeky Logan got hit by some guys...poor him...
he's being so manly protecting some girls...

my girls and boys steamboat session and Queen Spade (don't remember the exact name)

sushi zanmai with le darling geh loupo..XD siangye nice meeting you AGAIN ;)

 fixing our hair....darling having smooth hair..XD

My dear fut tai tai kakis....;) coffee kaki and my dear babes, 
in SJ Loudspeaker then Coffea coffee
having some relaxing coffee dose time

an impromptu birthday session for me...
it was 3-4 days earlier (didn't expect it to come)
 i did not make up and i super underdressed that day..
but it's a surprise so yeah..thanks for making up for me still...
these few ma latt lou knew that i wanted to go to book fair so badly hence they went KLCC with me then had dinner in Tony Romas in Pavillion due to the massive crowd in every single restaurant..
Expensive Dinner we had...
and i chose the cakes myself in Komuji Cafe lol...
okay la Best friends don't need to be so 客气 lol 

In the morning had a  scrumptious breakfast with my parents and mum prepared quite alot of my favourite foods..and i had a FULL RED HARD BOILED EGG (fyi, i can't eat egg due to skin allergies) Thanks Mum i love you!!!
oh yeah forget to say this is the EXACT DAY of my BDAY which was 12th of August...
then, headed to SJ to meet up with Adelin and she fetched me to Bangsar to meet up with Mich...
had our so called lunch in Tous Le Jour then to the Garden in Bangsar Village 2,
 they ordered cake for me and there goes our High Tea Session ;) 
hehe Official Celebration thanks to these two ladies...

In the Night, Cadie fetched us to Dreamz Bakery
got lost a little and we reached at around 9.20PM?? and the restaurant closing at 10pm,  
but you know, 
QUALITY TIMES matters whenever with this duo
photo credits to darling Raachie  
and food is YUMMY too!!! the DECO was the best 
i HARD SELLING DREAMZ BAKERY here..no it's no an AD it's just my ultimate preference...lol Thanks for the intro Darling

Okay actually this should be posted like in the end of August but GUESS WHAT?? SUPER LONG TERM HIATUS now it's already November..it should be the new year resolution post already..HAHA Sorry once again i am very busy you know...i had my resit exam in October and September i am busy with my school job, now it's the school holiday so i can finally REST ABIT... and today i suddenly remembered i still have a blog = = okay sorry for the long winded post and massive photos load...Adios 

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Cadie Chua said...

Now whenever I eat that hokkaido cake, it reminds me of my 23rd birthday with you all ;)