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Monday, September 16, 2013

Far East Movement Meet and Greet

*screams* *pop confetti* *jump up and down*


when Rachel told me she had won tickets to meet FEM, 
I was like dafuq how did she do that?? 
and why didn't she won tickets to meet EXO??
if it was EXO, I will definitely go fsfafgsdafsglsadaljfaofa, maybe crying *lmao*
as you guys know I am a die hard fans of EXO...

however, it's Far East Movement!! TELL ME WHO would miss a chance to meet them??? 
I asked Rachel to reserve my place right away, 
as I would be rushing to the airport to pick EXO-M on that night itself,
and on that day, I confirmed with her, I knew nothing will stop me to meet them 
unless EXO-M arrive early la...priority mah...lol

To be frank, I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT FEM before we went for meet and greet! 
we wikied them like half an hour ago before meeting them. 
I don't even know who is who = = 
I only know their songs like 
dirty bass, 
turn up the love, 
and the infamous LIKE A G6.

  • Venue: Sunway Resort Hotel
  • Time: 6.30 

I was literally sprinting to meet Rachel and panting like hell, blaming traffic jam for these,
I was out of my door like 45 mins before the promised time, okayla my time management always sucks, lol think Rachel would want to kill me i have bad records of time managing, anyway we made it "on time"...*phew*

there were quite an amount of peoples waiting at the lobby, 
these lucky ppl, and us, are going to meet Far East Movement, 
am super nervous, maybe cuz i "sam hui" aka guilty
cuz i am not a big fan of them.... *look down*
well, we are not the only ones, there are those who came for tickets only...lol


they are fcking gorgeous and I couldn't forget how they greet us warmingly, they are so down to earth, and each of them shook hands with us, fuck I literally sold my soul to them...especially this Prohgress!!! man, he electrocute me with his damn sparkling eyes and it haunted me for few days  = = he didn't put on his infamous shades fyi...
"will you guys come tomorrow?" "yes of course" that's the only line I remember before the group picture.
there you goes with our group pictures, 


seriously on that moment I think I would die by his skinships *electrocutes*

and then, Rachel asked "should I ask?" I whispered "ask la!!"
and then there goes our conversation, Rach asked about the ISA concert and I saw their pupils enlarge, bet they never thought of it, and Kev straight gave us a high five, and then Proh gave us another! YOUTUBER FANDOM ROCKS!! 
*heart screaming a thousand times* did they just offered us a HIGH FIVE???!!!!

Proh answered that they are working on it, and Malaysia is definitely on the list!! 
And, the conversation continued on Rach's mickey sandals cuz DJ Virman pointed it out to Proh and the rest, lol the camera man straight shoved his cam in to take her foot!! 
lmao, they were so amused with her sandals, 
and then the person in charge keep saying 
"thank you thank you please exit this way"
we were too occupied by these gorgeous guys and didn't realise all of the ppls had left the room = = we were the only two who talked with them!!!
and then I wish them luck and both of us exited the room and we shriek in excitement once we get out!!!
we were so excited with the "private" conversation with them
omg and there goes our FEM fever, 
it gone hotter after the MTV World Stage Concert...
they didn't failed to amaze us with their awesome Performance!!! 
even my EXO boys were damn excited to meet them!! 
wearing my 6 inches high heels and I can't stop jumping and shouting!!! FEM rocks!! really rocks!!! I had a great night!! this is what party people need!!

they are the hottest janitor on earth @.@

Far East Movement you guys just gained two big fans from Malaysia!!! 
Love how they treated fans like friends, cuz they are the big stars and we are nobody...
they are really great person with great music, miss them already!!!

Media Interviews *proud*

oh yeah and we met this girl named Amber *shake hands* 
she's kinda famous I guess, so many followers on FB and instagram..lol
nice to meet you Cookie aka Amber ;)

fan signing, nope, I didn't attend this, rushing to airport lmao

Rachie and Fionie

Last but not least, me and my favourite girl Rachel ;) 
Thanks alot for contributing to my new Fandom

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Cadie Chua said...

Wish there were three tickets!!!! Nevertheless I feel their charm through you and rachie @.@ hahaha