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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


have always wanted to talk about this place but you know i am always BUSY ya right?
so yeah here comes my very first food post?? well I guess YES?? I think so...
Our fav food place when its comes to family gathering ;) it's not fun to left one out...
Upon arrival of our princess Jasmine Chow, we've decided to gather,

This time we made it for Dinner...Let the pictures do the talk...

Shan and Yours Truly get ready in Aunt's place

baby boy Aaron, always looking charming *tsk*

Aunt and Nieces

Sushi, bad choice of having this for buffet, too filling


My very first Scallop, tasted not bad

yummy ramen with kimchi soup!! everything goes well with kimchi *korean biased*

Beef ?not mine

Jelly in wine glass

Mango Pudding

Mochi with Peanuts...dayumm

Cakes, loving the carrot cake and tiramisu

Mint Chocolate with Coconut Ice Cream *fav duo*

here comes my cheeky bastard lovely cousies

some photo bomb failed to bomb this pic it looks great actually *tsk*

cute cousies

Fruits after Dinner

Self Made Ice Kacang, your own preference so yeah, as you wish

The 9 Of US

the family portrait is a must

Japanese tatami feel

Midori in Marriot Hotel

Spherical Stairways in the middle of the Hotel

My Aunt and Auntie Jeanie, the manager of the restaurant

My chic cousie

as playful as always

this seems to be our new pattern of taking pictures *look down*

the girls 

and the boys

Didnt take much of the food pictures as we are busy eating, 
so yeah an incompetent food post of mine, 
will do it better next time? perhaps? lmao

Yours Truly

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