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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GE 505 = SOS

well looking at my title, you will know what am i gonna blog about..
WE LOSE... PR HAD LOSE THE GAME but we all know it's not yet the end, the challenge has just began and we will not going to lose faith, it's all about the endurance we have, casting the virgin vote, i've gave all in, many of us did the same, but still we couldn't change the results, how dirty it was the ELECTION. 

This is the first time i realised how it was, how they rule the game, it's like i set the rules and regulation, and i won the whole game, when i was a kid, when there were injustice in the games, i would stomped my feet and sulk for a moment, but now we were all grown up as an adult, we knew there were unfair injustice all over during the GE, but we can't do anything, this is how sad we were, we changed our dp to black to show how sad we were, and how angry we were, there's nothing much left to be done. It's FINAL?? deep in my heart i curse those who played dirty in the election, they gambled with our childrens' future? I don't have a kid yet of course, but i knew if we don't change, not only us, our childrens, our grandchildrens will have to suffer, the urbans are awake, when will the rurals awake?? 

Hence, there come the SUARA RAKYAT assembly, we showed our illegitimate "RULERS" that it's not about chinese tsunami, it's the country tsunami, don't try to play your dirty little mind trick on us, we are not stupid, we are not fool, now you're the fools. WE ARE BORED OF YOUR RACIAL TACTICS and what?? APA CINA MAU?? cina mau you berambus, malay pun mau you berambus, indian pun mau you berambus, do you think you're proud of winning this election with this dirty little tricks?? well NATIONAL DISGRACE. WORLD DISGRACE maybe. you will be the ruler for the next 5 years, but what? we will remember your name, hope your name will be engraved in our history books next time, the dirty election, GE 13. the black wave/tsunami in Malaysia, well i'll burn the text books for you guys after you guys were burried, you're welcome.

See you guys in GE14, i will be casting my vote damn properly and pay more attention to the hantus tht you guys brought in, BANGLASIA is the word, serve you right, die in radioactive, die in submarine, die in C4, die in cyanide, die in your cincin, hermes die in your lembu condo... we shall see that one day. 人在做,天在看,不是不报,只是时辰未到。

ps: i am glad that i've made to that rally, it's the suara of rakyat, this is the first time i m activate in this kind of rally, i am proud of myself and anyone of them in the venue..i love Malaysia, i love my friends and family, no matter you're Chinese, Indian, or Malay!!!

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