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Monday, November 12, 2012


TEACHING, or being a teacher was never my priority, to be frank, 
it was NEVER in my list of ambitions..
on the yellow card that filled in our ambitions when we were in our primary years,
I always filled in singer, interior designer, lawyer etc
and LAWYER will always be my priority among all those.

After the exam of CLP, I have at least 3 months to spare.
Cracking my head to find something to do, don't want to stick my ass on some paper work like office job 9-5, it will be something I will do for LIFE if I'm able to pass my CLP, therefore once, I went mamak with 3 of my friends, to be particular is Mr Douglas Khoo, Teck Chun and Yee Guo and I told them my problem and  brilliantly someone came up with this TEACHER, TUITION, PRESCHOOL thingy, so I made up my mind, and I told my mum the whole plan, the 1st week I went for an interview near my house, it's a tuition centre, however I don't think they are going to hire me so I don't bother to follow up... 

Time flies, 3rd week of August, mum got me an interview chance through her friend that work in Pan B, which was my primary school. Nostalgic!! never in my life I thought would go back to my primary school to teach!!! The interview was simple, it took less than 5 minutes by the Principal but I waited for that interview for 2 hours!! I sat outside the office for 2 freaking hours, but because PK1 never showed up so the principal interviewed me. They decided to put me in the morning class..and when PK1 showed up she doesn't want me..HAHAA and PK3 took over me, hence I am in the afternoon class...Thank God they didn't want me!! HAHA I can have enough sleep everyday!! Thinking back all these, The god really did me a great favor, THANK GOD! If there wasn't a turned down by PK1, I wouldn't be able to meet my lovely students, I wouldn't be able to meet my lovely and helpful colleague!!

Back to Topic, I was so shocked to see my primary friend there as a TEACHER!! 
Xinyin had been teaching for 5 years after SPM!! 
She was like:" WHY ARE YOU HERE?" 
hahaha destiny 缘分 I guess
I will be taking over Mdm Tan 陈彩娟老师's class 2C, she will be on her maternity leave 2 days later. If it's not destined, what is all this?? 2 days and I am a teacher from now on!!!
She's a very responsible teacher as I know from all the notes she gave...it's a big pile!!
It's all over the books, activity books, papers, I am so lucky and grateful to take over her class!!
She gave me some tips on handling the kids, she even marked the problemo kids on the name list, so that I could be aware beforehand. I M SO GRATEFUL!!

And my teaching career commenced on 27th August 2012!!!!

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