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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Preparing Notes, Preparing Homework, Preparing What to Teach, 
I guess never in my life I put "such" effort in my work.

As a clerk, as soon as I wake up, breakfast, then go to office, switch on the computer and check email, open files, meeting clients, explain, and ask them to sign, picking up calls, lunch, proceed files, tea time, meeting clients, explain , ask them to sign, pick up calls and GO HOME... That's the routine. Okay maybe not that simple,sometimes we still have some spontaneous event, like go to the land office, developer office and that's it.

Being a teacher, all I have to meet is my students, teaching is easy? to be frank IT IS, as long as you know what's going on on the textbook, give them homework, mark and give it back to them. 


there are special circumstances with that, when your students don't do their homework properly, students don't understand, and you have many syllabus to cover up before the coming exam is approaching, PLUS OVERLOAD OF PAPERWORK THAT IS MANDATORY for the teachers to REPORT to the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. You can't really work OT as students need to go home rite? it all depends on their determination, it's just so hard to finish your work because it's all on the students, basically if they don't finish their homework at home, you can't proceed to the next chapter, (and there are too many holidays, like REALLY) sometimes it's just so cruel that I HAVE TO PROCEED even THEY DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND. 

normal homework is already A LOT, okay for example Chinese, 
听写,生字1,2, 默写,写话,华语作业,练习1,2, 补充练习,知识画报... 
this is only for Chinese, 
imagine BM, BI, Maths, Pendidikan Moral, Science?
what's with that blue print of education of Malaysia, KSSR? YOU SERIOUS? 
I understand there are pros and cons , especially when it comes to education,
practice is all you need, but what?? for a 8 year old kid? 
I did remember when I was in their age, I have no SHITS like that. 
(and I am so proud that I can read Chinese, speak Chinese, even teach in Chinese, even had a law degree)
okay forget about all things like that, 
when I am NO ONE to judge the ministry of Education.
Substitute teacher wanna talk? they will ask me simpan kulit 

Well, hardwork is all you need, as year end is approaching, hell a lot stuff you need to finish in one month time, key in reports cards, 001 card, what else? ALOT MORE. and I am not teaching only one class, I have standard 3 English Science class as well!!

12.30-6.35 my working time, 
6 hours, half an hour break, and intervals between class...
It's so awesome that I can't even find time to have my lunch!!? 
So it's normal to loss 6 kgs in 2 and a half months time? AWESOME
"TIME MANAGEMENT IS SO IMPORTANT" quote from my colleague.
Indeed, I AM VERY BAD IN TIME MANAGEMENT, when i'm extremely busy. 

"老师今天没有吃饭, 你们不要吵好吗?"
"老师今天喉咙痛, XXX同学帮我叫他们安静。"
one of the scenarios that made my syllabus fall behinds the track.. 
When they are noisy, YOU EXPERIENCED IT yourself...

老师他哭,老师他们吵架,老师他偷看,老师他要回家....” lao shi? not more than 50 times I guess in a day
get me? hahaha it's so awesome I have overcome all these special spontaneous event, PLUS Parents in it.

Actually aside all these, 
I have fun playing psychology with all my kids, 
tackle them on their weak point, and they will be obedient,
try to ignore one of my favourite kids in class he they did wrong, 
sometimes 苦肉计 is also effective, 
it sounds like I am some maniac but no... 
THEY ARE SMART not on schoolwork, but on other aspects, 
even the baddass in standard 3 respects me lol
he's famous that he doesn't scared CANE, and bad attitude towards teacher.
and when I try to lecture him, he show me that dai lou look, 
and I said: " oh so you're the famous dai lou rite?? is it correct?? so now what you want? wanna face the wall or sit properly?" hence 吃软不吃硬。eversince, he will smile to me when i talk to him.GOODBOY.

somehow i am sort of that kind of sister-friend type of teacher, 
maybe it's because like that, my kids loves me so much, 
I've developed deep feelings to my kids and I even called them my "宝贝"
they called me their mummy “周妈咪” it is.

I used to hate kids, and I wonder how I can love kids in such a short period of time, they are innocent, cute, adorable, naughty, mischievous, you can see different types of students. They are warm sometimes, it's because they are still young, every little things they did make me smile, even small silly mistakes they made, make me laugh like a mad cow, I have experienced so much of things in 2 months time, I am so grateful, though my class is not the 1st class, though my class are not strong in academic, though my class are not strong in sports, THEY ARE LIKE ANGEL in disguise. I AM SO PROUD OF THEM. 

I LOVE THEM. with no condition. 
the naughty boys

the girls

yes guys are more than girls.xD

The Angels

the two that cries loudly towards the end

3H English Science Class- SMARTASS lol

2C- My precious

the naughty boys

My anak angkat- those who are weak in Malay

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