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Monday, May 14, 2012

My covers popularity is not good AT ALL

It has exceeded 10,000 views!! but I am not happy because I think the comments are too little,thumbs ups are rare, either they just listened and have no intention to comment or too lazy?or I didn't realised that I am the one who have watched it umpteen times??hahaha nope I swear I didn't?lol.. I don't know I just felt that, when you're too lazy even to comment, means they are not good, when I watched other covers in YouTube, I'll either thumbs up or comment to show my love, normally I don't comment much but when it's real good, I do comment! Hmm... maybe I should really improve my singing, I may not have the talent, but I really love singing, I have passion towards singing, it's so different from what I am doing right now. okay anyway, just pass-by to say hi! adios! Good Night!!

okay there goes MeganLee the Korean resides in America, one of my favourite youtuber other than jasonchen josephvincent, ryanhiga,kevjumba, omg i have too many favourite youtuber...
but i'll pick those who are REALLY YOUNG and talented like her xD
she's very young, in about age 17? her covers are good!
Maybe I am bias towards Korean, that's what my friend always said, but I think I like her because of her personality, she's very cute, and she has a very strong voice, and she can sing really well. THUMBS UP? teehee

And him, Danis, he's half korean and half spanish? well I don't really know about him, but he's very young too, how come youtuber are getting younger and younger?? omgosh really feeeling old now, okay back to topic, he's CUTE, HANDSOME, FUNNY, GOOD LOOKING, okay enough of spazzing, I love guys doing girls cover, so he did it, and I think he's good looking enough to get in to any entertaiment company..well, there's it!!!


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Cady Chua said...

maybe you can try to work with someone to make a MV for your cover? That's the trend, also make it more interesting to watch :)