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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Don't Cry

well, when i knew that this song Baby Don't Cry which is my favourite is excluded from their 1st mini album, i was so friggin frustrated, and so end up i came out with this extended version to ease our craves until the original track is released!!! hope you guys like it!!!

i don't own any of their songs, credit : teaser of SMTown
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?q9fyh80397pt003

Guess What? Currently mua is so attached to EXO!!! my bias list? hahahaha damn when Exo came out, my bias list were all messed up!!! 

I like Kai at first
Omg He's off one shoulder!!!!HOTTTTTTTTT!!!

Basically, I am drooling when SMTOWN released his teaser, I love all of his teaser, he looks super sexy in all his hotness dance move, every pumping, locking, popping, every wave, you will just AWWWWWWW to the end...Trust Me! he's THAT SEDUCTIVE!!and omg his lips looks so delicious

but later on I found out this cute guy Sehun, the Handsome Devil aka the Maknae

one word: ULZZANG!

how could he be THAT PERFECT right??? this is not Fair!!!! omg I really love him so much, he's so cute and HOT in his age!!! and his "SEX FACE" IS SO DANGEROUS, go watch his teaser with Kai, i am totally having eyegasm looking at him dancing!!!

and Next, baby boy Luhan, better watched out!! he's MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!
WAE??why you so pretty???? flower boy LUHAN, he's my oppa!!!! same age but elder hahaha!!!!!

So, this is TOP 3 in my bias list. Sehun, Kai and Luhan,

and i worship HUNHAN couple SO MUCH!!!
they look like they couldn't live without each other!! WHY SM MUST SEPARATE THEM IN 2 DIFFERENT GROUP????!!! WHY YOU NO PUT THEM TOGETHER IN ONE GROUP???!!!Disappointed...

Oh! not forget to mention about the others members of EXO, i love every single one of them, they are cute, they are smart, they are talented, and they are awesome,
Lay- Madness Sexy Dance Move
Suho- Cute Leader
Kris- COOL Canadian Leader of EXO-M
Chanyeol- CUTEST Rapper ever
Chen- High Pitch Dolphin
D.O- Nice Voice Cute Face
Baekhyun- Love him with his EYELINER
Tao- Ninja Wushu Shaolin Guy
Xiumin- Sohee No.2

well, officially an EXOTIC

Love, Exotic, Fion

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