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Monday, March 19, 2012

Wow, how many months again I've neglected my blog??haha... well I guess maybe I am too lazy to report my life, dull life, lifeless life, basically my life is like that after I quit my job: wake up- eat- online (study)-dinner-online(study)-sleep. Practically speaking the ONLINE section I spent like 90% of all my time? while I am "studying"? I'm so gonna fail CLP!!!! *touch wood* why can't I pick up some determination like all of my fellow classmates? they are all SUPERMAN/SUPERWOMAN! they can study everyday like one day few subjects, whereas I study SHIT >.< whenever I study I feel like puking, headache, backache, all the unknown disease will showed up FOR SURE....hmm there must be a way to sort things up...SOON, maybe changing my lifestyle will do or study group?...okay stop all the blabbering here...some quick updates here..

1. Wedding of Cousin 
Congrats to my cousin Joseline and my Cousin's hubby Ken

 double happiness in Chinese

 the gift that we got for them

the couple

me and pretty cousin sis

 me and handsome cousin bro

2. Valentines Day
still the same #foreveralone Nevermind, I have a bunch of lovelies on this special day
Nicole, Yeeki, Lyn, Ying Fern, and 3 boys which I am not gonna name them here..muahahaa!!

* I am so Happy that day, it's just so so so so warm and fun, singing our lungs out
ADELE we LOVE all of your SONGS!!! hahahahaha

We LOVE FOOD, from the pictures you can see I am a big fan of Starbucks and Korean Food... owh yeah and recent favourite! Chatime

awesome tuna+kimchi soup!!

 chatime- my 1st order, I ordered grassjelly = = I WANT PEARLS

 a can of red bull is a must to make me awake in class


 fyi, this is KIMBAB, korean type of "sushi"

4. Outings, dates, random

 long time no see de Qyin

shilling qyin and yuning

ready for LOVEEEEEEEEE...muahaha

 my gang

 my colleague, and my boss, my lawyer...EX

 meeting them in the train

 bumped into her in Starbucks! dearie Cynthia!

 cute cousin bro


 *had fun in Vertigo, crazy night!

So that's all for this 2 months, i would wanna blog about my recent life, about MY RELATIONSHIP with SOMEONE, it's time to talk about it, because I am yearning for a better life, and I HAVE ALREADY LET GO like REALLY and FINALLY, not gonna talk about it ANYMORE after this..

Ce'st La Vie

Fion Chow

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