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Thursday, March 29, 2012

good Morning?? ehem well it's in the afternoon already lol, woke up 30 minutes ago and decided to write a short post lying on my bed. lemme show you guys something that stimulates my cells...YES YOU ARE RIGHT, KPOP TIME AGAIN!!!!

fyi, they are SHINHWA, the legendary of the 1st generation of idol group, yes they were way before DBSK, SUPER JUNIOR, 2PM, BEAST, and whatsoever, they've served their military service, YES ALL OF THEM, and now they are all united in one and back with their 10th album!!!! guess their average age?? hahaha the oldest is 33, and the maknae is already 29! so average age is about 31? hahaha looking at them bust their moves dancing this choreography makes me so excited!!!!they are still capable to show their great skills,

get to know them from a very old variety show- love letters and all of them are still 20+ that time...wow! it was approximately 8 years ago, how awesome was that!!! if not i wouldn't know them!! okay it's kinda cool because they are CEOs, directors of their own company, CEOs and directors dancing!!!not forget to mention, they were the only fews who can survive after leaving their original entertainment company [SME, yes they were sunbaes of SJ,TVXQ, Shinee, GG ]without disband and changing names, the leader Eric paid quite a sum of amount to get their name back. That's why I call them the "LEGENDARY IDOL GROUP", quite inspiring huh??

so yeah that's their history, NOW, enjoy and give their view some add on....gyahhhh i m going crazyyyyyy....had been playing this mv for the whole night...lollll how can they be so damn hottttttttttt?????!!!ohmy...

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