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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dragon Year 2012

Happy Cny Everyone!!! how's cny treating you?
ME, CNY IS TREATING ME WELL! non stop of eating!! I am feeling guilty every second but really can't help, I wonder if the Mayans 2012 myth is TRUE, this is my last chance of eating Chinese New Year cookies eh.. *touch wood* so yeah...I M SO EFFING FAT NOW, trust me! face is getting even rounder, i think i will gain approximately 2-3 kgs in this festive season >.< too many plans too many good food too many parties, serve me right! aih, again if the myth is true, lol i am comforting myself with that excuse again!

anyway, today is the 4th day of CNY, I've spend the last few days in ma home-town, Seremban, frm the 29th of the lunar calender till today, amounting of 3 days, i am spending all my times with my families with my cousins, quality time, we chat, we gamble, we sleep, we eat, we watched sport channel, basically we are doing everything together, i love this bonding. We actually carry out every single plan, we even mamak and go for late night movies, in the correct amount of person. We took loads of pictures together, even camera shy - Shawn and Shan also joined us.
let the pictures do the talk!

 the gamble treat, 66 bucks so we go A&W

 the 4 of us

 1st day of CNY

 2nd day of CNY- Checkers!

 my handsome cousin bro

 my cute little cousin sis

 elder cousin sis
 us again <3

 checkers check check check

 watching tennis together

 mahjong time

 cousins! 9 of us

 brothers sleep alikes

random 1

 random 2

random 3

the Checkers family!

had loads of fun for these few days! enjoying quality time with family, relatives, there are more upcoming activities with ma friends and family!gonna update with my cny with y'all soon!! take care!!
have fun in CNY!! eat more! *evil grins* just want everyone to be fat with me!! hahahaha!! jk jk!
eat good food and hang out with the one you love the most!

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