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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 BYE

tick tock tick tock
without realising it, 2011 has already come to an end...

time fliessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

it's 2012 tomorrow!!! omgosh I m so not prepared!!! 
To or not to, we still have to accept the fact that 2012 is cominggg..oh gosh we are so gonnna die man.. *touchwood* oh well we still have a year to enjoy before the world ends lol
sorry for all the stupid lameness in me ah..so long never blog edi mah..must act lively abit...to cover up my guilts..sorrray whey... i am so freakin busy, like seriously 
kill me man 
no time to study even FML
pouting already 
mum threaten me to study almost everyday and check on me whether i studied or not..miserable not? = =
there's something I think I still need to blog about it, it's a every year thing, if you get what I mean..XD
year 2011, it's some sort of special year to me because I am 21 years old this year, I've graduated in Honours Bachelor of Law Degree
start working, and further my studies by taking CLP, I've met my favourite singers in this year itself, Yen-j
and Super Junior, i think i've completed all my wishes in one shot..XD die with no regrets.. but wait!!!

seriously one more thing to complete the whole set! I've met someone special but I don't think it will work out anyway, it's just not my thing, I don't like the feeling of waiting!!! I hope i can stop thinking about you when the clock strikes at 12am tomorrow, I'll probably  move on, wait!! i MUST move on!!!! so can i do it??? i hope i could....

2012 year resolution:

1. i have to be PRETTY the whole year, I must at least impress myself..i have to be SLIM then..XD Working "real hard" on that!! wish me luck

2. forget that particular someone that broke my heart = =

3. passs CLP, i wanna prove that a 3rd class student can do it better

4. study real hard, PARTY HARDER

5. stay calm whenever having complicated issues

6. don't be so emotional, and cranky

7. be healthy don't sleep too late

8. must read newspaper everyday * my freakin lawyer boss read 3 sets of newspaper per day fml

9. blog more often, okay i know i'm a lazy bastard who only promise to blog but doesnt blog at all..HAHAHA, i'll TRY...since i m quitting my job

10. travel to korea or taiwan or BOTH??

11. earn money to ease all my craves and the things on my wishing list?XD

12. let me think...i'll add on if i think of any..XD

i failed to create a new blog skin..i TRIED TO..but
i m so freakin lazy to do a new one..so just bear with the old one la..xD

New Year, could've spent it with someone Special, but too bad yeah...still unwanted...
nah... gonna enjoy it with my besties <3 have fun guys!!!!  

actually i wrote this a day before new year as draft and publish it as a post today..so yeah..the date kinda messed up already..

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