Favourite Genre

Friday, September 16, 2011

yeah I know I've disappeared for a long time again!!!
hmm bear with me...
I am so busy now!!
Mon-Friday working 9-5
Friday sat sun CLASS!!!!! 5 hours each day except for Friday night!
SEE!!! I can't even have enough time for sleeping!!!
that's life right?
anyway, I'm trying hard to cope, general clerk in a legal firm,
it's not easy, not hard either, I think gaining experience is the most important thing for now,
because I have 0% experience...now I think I have about 30% experience already...
anyway, still have long way to go...
CLP is hard, but no matter how, I strive my best, I have no time to lose,
wasted 1 year in UK, because with normal results, so, yeah, if you get me...
so, everybody work hard ya!!!

introducing MP魔幻力量!!
really love this song!! tho the lyrics are kinda WEIRD... >.<
just listen...okay?
potential favourite song....