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Monday, August 29, 2011

21 means?

Finally 21, and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 15!! lolx

"I'm an extremely lucky person" so do you agree with that statement? 

21 years, not to say that I've passed that 21 years smoothly, without any obstacles, but in the large picture, 
I was surrounded with love by the people around me, without having any serious setbacks, having a so called "wonderful life", having family that love me more than any one could, friends that love me as how I love them, studies, it was mostly smooth sailing? I sucked at relationships, but I'm lucky enough to have all these peoples around me...It doesn't feel bad at all...
the only thing to complain about is

YEAH, I am still single, I've been contemplating this issue for years, and yet I didn't come out with any SOLUTION, the only thing I can think of is I'm not PRETTY enough. *coughs* some says I'm too choosy, hmm MAYBE... For me, most of the guys are superb realistic, or male chauvinist, and me, I might be choosy but in the sense of "I am finding a GREAT GUY that covers all the things I want/need" I have great guy friends around me, but, not my cup of tea... YET, i am lucky because most of my girls friends are still single! lol at least we are still living! I seems am worried but actually I am not worry at all..because I have someone to hold to, my fandom and singers and artist etc.. lol 

usually you'll feel numb for birthdays, but not on your 21st birthday, it's another sign that lead you to your brighter future and whatsoever.. hmm, overall
it's a great birthday for me at least...no alcohol, no party, just gathering and hang out sessions, more than enough, i appreciate it really!!!!

 surprise from them <3

 my travel kaki and best friend

 amiris jie jie

 elf gang <3


 sengyee's great job!!! really love it!!!


miss them so much 

 my girls 


 my kpop gang XD

 my 21st key from myparents!

 full hearted gift!!

 birthday gift and card frm rey jun and huey shin

signing pen from mich and ling  <3

self bought signing cd frm yen-j

 frm seng yee!Dong hae!!

frm the lawyer in my firm!!!!!!thanks belle!

i'm 21 alreadyy...so fast..wtf...it's time for me to fight for my future..no time to play >.< 
i kinda ruined my degree cert so i gotta catch up with good results in CLP!!!!!
wish me luck?? thank you 
love y'all
oh ya and thanks for all the wishes that y'all gave me!!!! 

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