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Thursday, May 19, 2011

society is sick, peoples are sick, even peoples around me

well...congratulation to me! why?
because I've finished my exams...
and I have over 10,000 hits for my bloggie!!! LOL

I guess I would've done better if I studied HARDER
anyway let bygones be bygones
worst comes to worst I gotta resit
and go through hell all over again
I deserved it though

after all these months,
many things had happened
i've gone through alot of things
learnt to be strong
learnt to be independent 
learnt to see things under surface
learnt to observe different kinds of peoples 

It's true that you can't actually please everyone around you
what you can do is to be yourself
I forgive anyone who insulted me,treated me badly,
I'm sorry for anything I did wrong to Anyone,
I love all of them who love me as well

We are all human, we are well deserved to be equal
no special rights, no special treatment
think twice before you speak or do something

do you guys know about that hair cutting violence bullying case video that was spreading around fb lately?
人在做天在看,it says "peoples do it, the god is watching it"
13 years old school girls bullying classmate,
the innocent girl did nothing wrong, and is that what she deserved? 

the society is sick, the education system is faulty
the parents have no responsible at all? i doubt

Apologize? after everything they've did?
suspended from school for only 2 weeks
after everyone bashing
the education minister Cried in front of media , haha
is this even appropriate? 
this whole story make us shameful, 
Big disgrace to Malaysian...

for those brainless people outside, your words, your action might hurt someone
please think twice,
doing a bad deed doesn't make you any greater

i'll PRAY for you

after everything you've done, 
this song is the best for you
I'm being LENIENT enough

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