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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well, it's been a while... 
I know, I am being lazy all the time
Guess what? I am in the LRC! 
Wanted to study all the time, overwhelmed by guilt and sin, but still, I am slacking ALL THE TIME, can't concentrate, ended up spending time BLOGGING. hmmph...
and yeah it's Easter Hols, everyone is scattered around, some went back, some stay back, some went to Europe, etc. and ME, apparently, stay back to STUDY, everyone is kinda prepping for the coming Finals, yet I am still wandering around, doing nonsense. 2 weeks more and it's my FINALS,真的是生死看这一次, 能不能光宗耀祖也看这一"铺", and practically, I have nothing in my head right now, I wonder what I've been doing for the past 7 months, I admit I had loads of fun, I had parties, I mixed around with friends, but I attend classes as well kay?? i just doesn't study...

Damn, i am really scared right now...topics and subjects are overloaded, I guess I started too late, I've only got 3 days for each subject...and I can't remember a single thing NOW!! I can't study without pressure, I work better under pressure, like a day before the exams?? how am I supposed to study like that? fucked up bio clock, unhealthy lifestyle making me harder to adapt, GG this time... I must really be serious this time, parents are nudging me over skype, asked me to study hard. I'm the only child, so I doesn't want to disappoint my parents.

well, i have nothing much to say now, mind blank, brain stucked, i'll do what I can still do now, and let's see what will happen, i screwed up my last assignment, i need at least 60 for each subject to get a 2nd upper.GOD BLESSS


Cathy said...

Heyyy Fion

Im also feeling so stressful and dont wanna look at anything related to exams.. TAT! and of course time is always not enough for me haha cuz im wasting it all the time.. Hope tomorrow.. u know, i can finally start my revision.

Hope u all the best =D will c u on this Sunday~ xx

Jun said...

jiayousss! i m preparing for my exams also~! arghhh!!
all the best! will get to see you really soon i guess~~~