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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gorgeous White Cam

sorry for the semi hiatus, i know i promised to update on that day,
okay i literally lied lol 
i have no time to update at all, 
my friend came to visit me from Cardiff and too much of activity and i m almost away everyday, 
most of my time i contributed to my friends? shopping? watching dramas LOL this i must explain, coz i m getting busier soon, so i must finish all the shows so that i could concentrate on my studies, konon right..XD hahaha 
anyways regards to the teaser,
knowing i am to introducing my new cam rite??
*tadaaa* drum rolls

received the parcel

it's smaller in fact

 i just gotta say it's so gorgeous! even my friend said it's damn pretty <3

the back

Panasonic DMC-LX5
thought of buying GF2, but sorry, budget over limit, plus i am using my life expenses to buy it, so i must cut down on my expenses to fulfill my dream, finally i m keeping my 4 years old camera in the drawer, nice quality, nice cam, nice photos, is all you can see in this little camera <3
so let me show you all the photos taken by this little white cam



 my friends

 cute friends

 sweet couple

 my baobei jie jie


 bamboo rice

 xiao long bao

 yam vermicelli soup

 pork belly rice

 sweet couple 2

wide angle that can fit thousands of people. teehee

to be frank, some people said that this camera is good on taking objects and scenery and food, but not people, yes the color of people are not that good, but as you can see from the pictures, it's still tolerable, me and my friends still love it...and what's the best thing, it's the wide angle lens that can fit everyone in that single picture, heart it, especially for people like me who loves selca- self cam lol


choco fondue, yumms but you cant imagine how much oil they add to make it flows smoothly

Siew Choong's home made tongshui nice

the aldenhamians :P

Michael oppa and dongsaeng Nicholas

Fabian & SiewChoong

btw, i never edit the photo..
it's the original color and effect that can be found in the cam itself
hope you enjoy the pictures, and feel free to leave comment or feel free to ask anything you wanna know about this camera.. 
i shall get ready to make breakfast then, have a great day ahead!! 
Happy Sunday! 

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