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Sunday, January 16, 2011


once, a friend told me that "under PRESSURE, everything is POSSIBLE". Apparently, it's a FACT, but, WHAT IF i still don't feel any pressure?? or any stress?? what should i do then?? i was panicked that i wasn't panicked yet!! do you get how i feel?? i don't feel anxious, i mean i really do wanna feel anxious and kan cheong, but i just don't know why i am kinda "relaxed" and it's only 1 day 2 hours to my assignment due date,i think it is kinda freaky, i wasn't supposed to sit here and blog or to watch YouTube or pps!! i did nothing productive! i wasted whole week and i only managed to write like 2 pages in 2 days!! i planned to finish my assignment TODAY, which is SUNDAY and wanted to edit on MONDAY which is tomorrow, but now it's already 10pm in the night, i wasted my beautiful SUNDAY on SLEEPING!! which is kinda annoying, i just couldn't resist the power of my bed...i woke up at 5pm in the evening!! i think my bio clock had already reversed and i kinda spoil it during the holidays cause i had so much party and didn't sleep in the correct time and sometimes i even stay awake for the whole day...trying to recap all my sleeping time and wake up time, i was overwhelmed by the feeling of SIN and GUILT, GOD BLESS ME..i don't want to die young. back to the topic of ASSIGNMENT, it's really my last time to do last minute work, i really really really need my life back, i wasted too much of my life doing nonsense...sorry for all the blabbing, mumbling, and complaining, i should go have a shower and try to catch up with my assignment...really need to rush...

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