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Sunday, January 23, 2011


So.. i was bored with the old blog skin, and finally i spared some time out to deal with the HTML or CSS thingy and came out with a new blog skin.. so HOW IS IT??? i used frigging 4 hours to complete the whole thing plus editing and add those widget in, owhmygawd now, my back, my shoulders and my hand are sore, thanks to my baby bloggie...

adorable snow couples

talking about snow, i m still not enough with it okay???
please SNOW please SNOW UK!!!!
when that time it snowed, i was sicked..badly sicked...they all had snow fight and i wasn't there...so wasted right?? but i think spring is coming really soon...so NO HOPE la..=.=

finish complaining and mumbling
it's time for me to sleep i think??? 
good night peeps
i promise i'll update more often because my bloggie has a new face???XD
SEE YA and GOOD NIGHT..omg wtf my shoulder hurts alot...T.T

1 comment:

Shiling said...

== not enough of snow fight meh LOL.
don't get sick again ahh. take care!