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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


for my whole 20 years of life, i never thought of  having problems in sleeping , perhaps only during finals where all my sleeping time were messed up and of course, assignment due date..cuz i am always the last minute person. and here, yours truly is having problems and she couldn't sleep at the middle of the night where everyone is sleeping soundly on their beds. pathetic isn't?? after a 3 weeks of Christmas hols, i have become an insomniac, could you imagining yourself in my position,when you are pretty exhausted that day and you are lying on your bed and when you close your eyes, you are begging or pleading for a good deep sleep, nothing happened and you're rolling on the bed for few minutes until you're frustrated and ended up you sit up and open your laptop and start to wander on the web? THAT's ME!! wtf rite?
wish i could sleep like her, a sleeping beauty- Yoona

Back to my high school times, i have no problem at all, i can sleep whenever, wherever i want, and i have my absolutely perfect timing for sleeping, a 7 hours sleep is always more than enough, by then i was so energetic and rejuvenated after a 6 or 7 hours sleep. Yeah FLASHED BACK is always the best, in the past. We are always perfect back then. 

Not talking about my feelings and frustration, my body condition [health] my eyebags are always my concerns, I've "sick" for kinda like 1 month?? I've been coughing every night and the ohsostupidclingy flu, just can't get the fucking off me, and yeah plus the weather condition, it's almost near impossible for me to get rid of this stupid sickness. "SO? What's the point of talking about this?does this any of it bits relates with the insomnia?" you might thought of. My dear, there's a time where your organs will detox, which is around 11-2, you must in DEEP SLEEP in order to fully detox, and the organ refer to my liver, and so, i am always awake in that particular time, my liver is gonna ruined by me. hmm, ALREADY, i had already ruined it...WTF

Signs That the Liver Needs Detoxification

An overload of toxins can leave the liver overworked and exhausted, allowing toxic and waste material to remain in the blood and body, causing symptoms such as hormone imbalances, fatigue and weakening the immune system. Physical symptoms such as allergies, indigestion, bloating, skin damage, aging and spots, eye problems (spots, red or watery eyes), headaches, hot flushes, insomnia, PMS, muscular pain, head pain and neck tension can occur.

credit : http://www.suite101.com/content/foods-that-detox-the-liver-a145910#ixzz1C6ZttLG7

SEE!!! out of that 13 symptoms, i already have...i have most of it..gosh i am so gonna kill myself...>o< Ottoke??Ottoke?? i just couldn't sleep... okay, finish blabbering, gonna get some sleep FINALLY , oh Lord, please save me, please help me, i beg YOU. 

Before ending up my post, picture is always my favorite, i had fun though during the hols, i wish i could back to December and have all those fun again!love you guys heaps, there goes my UK life!! oh ya..and it's in a pile..get ready to stick your eyes to the screen!!!mwahhhaha.XD

THE END...teehee..i'm waiting for full loads of fun this year again!!2011!!where my life starts again!!!

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