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Saturday, December 4, 2010

S.M Ballad

this is what i call SHOCKED
it's like a tidal wave and it hits on you HARDLY without warning
they are the S.M. Ballad
they are formed because of their powerful voice and beautiful angelic voice...
in case you don't know who is 2AM..Press ME 
though it's expected both group will be compared by the others..
because their song genre is the same- BALLAD

anyways let me introduce the 4 of them
there are Kyu Hyun  from Super Junior,
                 Jong Hyun from SHINee
                 Jay              from Trax
                 Jino             Rookies of SM..newly Debut

4 of them have the same common ground, which are their beautiful voice and powerful voice, and they are well known of their great vocals in each of their own Group...
Proof me Wrong ...IF YOU CAN after listening to this vid..XD

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