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Friday, December 31, 2010

new year

i just realized that i already have 200 post,i think i started to blog in the year of 2009??? Well i think i really expressed much in this blog huh?? keke anyways, guess what? 2010 is coming to an end! Time really flies. Flashed back and i realized many things happened and fade, peoples come and peoples go, happy and sad, etc. 

2010, a year full of excitement and changes, the biggest change is where i m already here, in UK, leaving family and friends, learning to be independent, tried many stuff that probably i would never touched in M'sia, experiencing different culture, met new people from different countries.

yeah and i m still single.. it's because? i don't know... i would never hesitate to show my affection towards the person, however, i accept the fact that i'm just not their type...^^
i m a happy go lucky person... few more hours to a NEW YEAR... i can wait, definitely
no problem LOL... 

conclusion, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!! 
enjoy the last few hours of 2010!!and we're one step nearer to 2011!!!!! WOAH...i mean 2012!!!!!LOL i don't want to die!!i still want to enjoy life!!!HAHA.. 

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