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Monday, October 25, 2010


it's already been more than a month i landed in this country, the United Kingdom, everything feels so surreal until i stepped out of the airport, it was really chill and cold here, especially at night, after 14 hours on flight, we were finally here..i'm out of my mother land after 20 years!!! feeling excited?? YEAH!! everyone was thrilled in fact !! nevertheless, i still have home sick... am so sorry for the terrible hiatus because i need some time to settle down and practically i have no time to blog because there were too much stuff to be done.

so far so good is all i can say? am staying in Hatfield, Room 10, Flat 16, Aldenham Hall, University of Hertfordshire.Room are pretty SMALL...BED ain't queen size bed which i used to lay on for the previous 20 years??? Bathroom is super duper SMALL, anyway, there's nothing much to complain, ONLY 9 MONTHS rite??!


my messy desk..it's so tidy now =)

 intercom between each room

life in UK is much more tedious than i had thought, in the mean time, i only have classes on MONDAY,THURSDAY, FRIDAY. Monday is kinda hectic because i have 2 lectures and 2 seminars in a row. Thursday is for the bloody ENGLISH CLASS - YEAH you're right, i need attention for my English Language,told ya, my English sucks! Anyways, for the sake of having better English, i'll attend... Friday i have 2 lectures, 2 seminars as well...Practically, literally, basically, i have nothing to do on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, i am just slacking, like to the maximum extend, just like a PIG =.= really shall pick up my studies soon, too much revision and too much pre-reading before classes i need to do, never ever STUDY like this before in M'sia, ironic isn't??

- Walking - never in my life walked so much before!!!! CAR is the greatest invention ever!!! i HOPE walking burn more calories than i thought...i think 5 km is just small case for me now ?XD will be limped the next day >.<

- Groceries Shopping is just TOO TIRED, mum are the GREATEST!!!

- Cooking causing me migraine, What to cook?? How to cook?? Google it?? Youtube it??? once again, MUMMY i miss you, you're the GREATEST!!!

- Laundry only once a week, or twice a week...

- Cleaning my room everyday because the room is too small, it's too small to be messy, and i really can't stand it to be messy

- gonna sign up for the Sports Facilities Soon, Gyming and sports will be one of my daily routine i think??? Peer Pressure ??XD really hope peer pressure works!!! i wanna BE SLIM!!!back to the normal scale =)

- Clubbing - not my routine but some of my friends are really addicted to CLUB?? as in dancing, drinking, bumped into different ppls in the club,i just been to club in UK once, ONLY ONCE!! had fun though..  

that's all for my update because i m really really tired...gotta have a shower and off to bed, EXHAUSTED
next coming post - Cambridge, London, Cardiff Trip =)


Jun said...

u still remember that u have a blog!
enjoy your life over there and have fun, in the mean time, train your legs! We can have a 'walking marathon' competition when you come back! Let's see training in uk is better or training in sg is better! haha! Update your blog more since you are so slack!

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