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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bye Bye Malaysia, Hello UK- A NEW LIFE

Heay, 미인해 for the semi-long hiatus ...and that word means "SORRY". I've neglected my baby blog for EXACTLY 1 month! ever since my birthday post! i am busy of outing lately... yahh... okay okay.. *i am busted!!!* outing plus i'm VERY LAZY la...

Finally i m here to cure my blogging itch. Know what?? i'll be in UK after 5 days, i really couldn't believe that i am leaving Malaysia, my motherland in 5 days, to a completely unfamiliar foreign country, thanks god that i am quite fast in adapting to a new environment. I'll definitely miss my family and friends, that's the only reason that restrain me from leaving and they are the only one who will dote me no matter what i did, but somehow i still need to leave to further my studies and to complete my dream. 

OH YA.. not to forget about the FOOD and CUISINE of Malaysia.. i'll miss it for sure my 






TEH TARIK with loads of bubble on top


and of course my MOM's home cook dishes !!!

this is the HASH BROWN made by me and my mum  

It's not hard to see that i love eating spicy food rite?? i can't live without spicy food!!! i am bringing chili sauce to UK, would want to bring tom yam paste, belacan, curry powder, dry chili, chili padi as well, but too bad some food are restricted by the custom in UK and eating such spicy food will causing me gastric problem so my mum wouldn't allow too..T.T

And now i realized that packing isn't just packing like how you did when you travel to a country, it's like bringing "everything" there but with a limited luggage and weight, means you cannot bring "everything" but only things you needed, it's much more brain wrecking and therefore you need to be organised so that you will not left out things, which means i cannot bring my favorite stuff like artist's posters, CD, photo album and etc. And you cannot bring skimpy clothes due to the sulky weather, all you can wear is layers and layers of thick and hefty clothes to make you warm and also seems FAT!! I know it sounds exaggerative but i think it's 80% true. Hehe, anyway i just want to emphasized on how hard is packing a luggage! 

Will done packing within these few days and already bought all the stuff i need, and for those who are going overseas to further their studies within this month, enjoy packing! GOOD LUCK and Bon Voyage!!

I hope everyone who remains here, will be healthy and happy always, being so at the time, i will have the courage to stay up and study hard in UK, do not worry about me, because i am going with a bunch of my college mates, i will take care of myself and please do take care of yourselves too, 8 hours of time differences will not affect our relationships.

Dear daddy and mummy, I LOVE YOU, and SORRY, and THANK YOU. Take Care, will miss you!!! 

F(x)- Sorry (Dear Daddy)

2nd favourite song alongside Nu ABO
and the lyrics are really meaningful
and i really mean it..


fufu said...

uk is getting cold...all the best ya!!!

Fion Chow said...

serious??okay i have tonnes of winter stuff in my luggage already..xD thankk you fufu XD

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