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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday

12th of August 
it was my 20th birthday
feel shame in me, because i m nothing but a parasite, useless only child T.T 
yeah..you're right, i m too lazy to get a job...
i'll pay back one day..i promise 

btw, this year on my exact birth date, 
i am home alone watching "We Got Married" then got tired and went to sleep 
at last dad brought us to MCD and bought Grilled Chicken Burger, so called GCB =.= 
owh before that we went to AEON and shopped a while and they bought me a jeans...
wanted to buy sandals too..but then they said i shouldn't be wearing sandals in UK
but, not like i m going to UK for FOREVER..i m just going for like 1 year max??9 months min??OKAY FINE...since i'll never find a shoe that could "compromise" with my foot..

went home and celebrated my birthday simple-ly
anyway, i still have two piece of cake on my birthday, 
chocolate indulgence, and macadamia cake from Secret Recipe

in frank, i am quite disappointed 
though i m receiving tonnes of FB wall post , 
but my friends were too busy to celebrate together OrZ
DUHH...anyway thanks for them who wished me..
the invention of FB makes ppl even more lazy
ppl are lazy even to send me a TEXT or a CALL , thanks for those who called me and texted me =)
now i realized tht even a TEXT can makes a person happy

anyway, my friend didn't ditch me and forget about it, 
they just postponed it to the next day
at our old place, order dishes and rice, they ordered FISH the very first time FOR ME!!!
FML, i can't eat seafood because of the friggin skin problems...
that night, it was raining madly, one of my friend said he gotta take something and ran out..when he came it, he came in with a CAKE..OMO...tht's the PLAN they said for few times LOL dumb me
and he was ALL WET...
THANK YOU GUYS...these guys are those who accompany me through thick and thin
a dinner a cake explain everything 
we took some pictures together indeed, anyway, the one who are having the pictures never upload to FB..so yeah..i have no chance to look at it too..
thanks Nicole, Yeeki, Lawrence, Perhan, Gervin, Chloe, Boon Chuan, Ge Shen, did i miss out anyone??hope i didn't and two of them who were absent, Boey and Pauline

and on Saturday, celebrated my birthday aka farewell with my relatives
mother's side cousin
WanChin, WanChee, ChinHau
we used to be so close when we were young, after we grew up, we were like the closest stranger
anyway they treated me a dinner at Windmill in Aeon
i remembered i m closest with Chinhau, my cousin brother, but then he seems awkward now, i m closer to both of his elder sis now
Thanks for the dinner Cousie

 the brother and sister

 their elder sis

eh some said my cousin brother looks like mat saleh..
quite lengzai worr..xD one year younger than me, anyone interested??

and here goes the 3rd celebration with my college friends..XD
it's on the next day, it's damn hard for me to diet isn't???GAHHHHH
what to do??my friend love to stuff me with FOOD..GOOD FRIENDS
venue is FULL HOUSE in Sunway
anyway i think that i have a bad face day tht day, face problem 
and not really in the mood 
sorry guys but i really appreciate the celebration

 my meal on tht day..i LOVE THE forest mushroom SOUP!!so condense!!

 the pretty girls with moi

 the KLANG peoples

 3 of us..

 girls are never enough with taking pictures

 strawberry juice CLOCK

 mirror ice cream

 the Guys

 my primary friend, her secondary friend

 the cakes


 TRACY with the girls

 the pretty sy

 us with LUCAS and Shan Wu Shuang - i think you guys should watch this drama

 mayling and moi

thank you GUYS!!!

tht's all for my birthday post i think??
i m really lucky to have all of you as my friend
OWH not to forget to post the bday presents 

all the presents
card is not included in the photo..XD

 sweet present frm prince bell a hairband =)

thanks kelvin goh..red shawl officially obsessed with red color things

 the birthday card and the SJ file

 fishy donghae t-shirt is 

 button pin or whatever idk what is the name of the thing XD

ARGHHHH blue light stick for DONGHAE can use it on SS3 ♥ 
crazy with this thing

officially 20 now
should be really serious towards my life, not that i am not serious in the past,but was too childish and irresponsible before..
must work for a better future
Good Luck Fion Chow 


fufu said...

yeah happy birthday :)

Jun said...

ahahah! u r same age as me now! 20!