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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Make Up + Selca ???

SELCA, is a term created by Korean netizens that refers to "SELf + CAptured" 
for another extend, i think it's a term for narcissist like me... call myself the selca QUEEN i think i m WELL DESERVED though, well, some might think that i am being brazen..LOL chill chill..i just think that i HAVE the "SKILLS" but w/o the Pretty FACE...ㅠ.ㅠ gonna show you guys my selca pics...

i just realized tht my face is "swollen"

what about the color??i edited..LOVE it

selca this when there's no electricity..TOO BORED

i looked pale FML

i really do have a BIG FACE..

Serene feel?? because of the color i edited i think

Curly hair

my college prom day

while waiting for Fifa world cup final match to start

after "watching" all these selca pic of mine.. 
i think as you can see, most of it, i have make up on my face, 
with a bare face, i rarely have the courage to selca, even i have the courage,
i'll never ever post it up, 
anyway there are exceptions, 
which are those selca pic with my BFFs..wanna have a look?? shalt show you SOME of it..

i still look FUGLY w/o make up

=.= no comment still..i LOOK LIKE A KID FML..=.=

 only with foundations on..anyway, i nice trip with ma BFFs

with foundation on..i ❤ them

my besties


fyi, a fully make up face to me is lens+ foundation+ blusher+ eyeliner+ eye shadow+ fake lashies+ lip gloss XD now i barely go out w/o lenses..LENSES is my LIFE... being born with a ugly ordinary face is not a shame, just do what you can do, if make up can make you prettier, WHY NOT??? just like Ugly Betty, she can have a life, why can't we???? getting a second glance from peoples or even strangers, don't you feel proud???? LOL girls and woman should rock the world!! yay!!girls power!!!

here, fion presents her KPOP GLAMOROUS QUEEN....BoA-Girls On TOP

Anyband- Boa+Xiah+Tablo+Jin Bora-Talk Play Love ❤ it so much

in JAPAN she's to be said to be the 2nd Ayumi Hamasaki
in KOREA, she's BoA,[beat of Angel] their nation female singer, she's the TALENTED BoA which debuted in the age of 13!!!! she's the one who lead me to the KPOP industry, first of all i thought it was DBSK whom bring me in but actually it's not, i watched the making of this MV in MTV channel, 5 years back!!! and her name craved in my heart, and actually i love all her songs, include Ballads!!! and she's BACK with a new album!!!! after 2 years!!! WELCOME BACK BoA!!!stay tune for more news about her!!!!


fufu said...

so many camwhoring huuh?? ahahhaa well Boa is nice!!! i love her very much since 2003 :)

Fion Chow said...

HAHA..selca queen mah..XD LOL
she's so talented i love her so much..XD

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