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Sunday, July 25, 2010

LAUGHING makes me feel better

Something EVIL came through my mind in a sudden!! a stupid one in fact.... 
If i ever did this, you guys will never click in this blog anymore... I M PRETTY SURE..LOL 
It's an indecent one because i feel like writing my post in HANGUL. 
Like this, let me show you "감사합니다!!!사랑해요!!!우리슈퍼주니어" [ignore those words, random ones]
Heck and wtf rite?? If i type the post in hangul, the visitor of my blog will dropped tremendously FOR SURE [as if i have a million hits on my blog =.=] 
Okay, anyway, forget about it, i was just being retard...

talking about hangul, i m learning by myself now 
as you know that i m fond of korean stuff recently...and very into their culture and even FOOD
i am a typical korean freak now..xD damn!!!craving for kimchisoup and bbq AGAIN!!
don't ever mention food in the night after few hours you had your dinner, you will have insomnia due to your hungriness[is tht even a word??i think so XD] tried that once and drumrolls in my tummy, back and forth on the bed for WHOLE NIGHT!!! ^^

i started this post around 10..and now it's already 1:24AM..what the hell am i doing??? i have no idea =.=
LOL, i have a lot of stuff to tell, but i found tht it's hard to form in words, FML
shall postpone it to the nxt post...SORRY
a video before i off to sleep..NOT SONG..but a Korean variety show, i never laughed so hard for so long already...
it will make you feel better i think =) LOL it's really damn funny!!!LMAO!!!

cannot laugh canteen DAMN i LAUGHED SO HARD!!!

p/s: owh and sorry, for those who can't read chinese, the one i found is only with chinese sub...


Cady said...

God!! so FUNNY!!! XD

Fion Chow said...

LOL yeah..it's damn funny..
i m not biased coz it's really funny..xD
hope it made your day