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Sunday, July 4, 2010

it has to be you,kangin

fyi, now i m catching up with the drama named the Cinderella's sister..[yeah i know, i am so late,what to do? i have so many dramas and movies in my waiting list!!]
i found it quite funny, as what we know, Cinderella's stepsister is the bad one..but in this case, the stepsister appeared in her life and Cinderella is jealous of her!?? wae?? interesting rite??to be frank, this drama caught my eyes because one of the reason is because yesung from Super Junior is singing for the drama OST...and it's effing awesome, i m not lying!!!try to listen and you'll love this song..i stake my life for it!!

the plot??urm..not bad!!still watching it though..will keep you up to date with the story line if you guys need it XD

here comes the song for the drama
yesung-it has to be you

the 2nd OST frm F(x)Luna and Krystal-calling out
f(x),the girl group tht i fancied alot nowadays
it's awesome too

okay i guess tht's all for today
i'll try to update more about myself
good night peeps..off to watch episode 7!!!!❤

To Kangin who will be enrolled to the army,
i never ever imagined that you'll be leaving us tomorrow,
when i see you, it's 2 years later..stay healthy stay happy
i'll be loving suju forever no matter who i am where am i in the future..
take care kangin oppa, 보고싶어!!!절 믿으세요..