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Thursday, June 17, 2010

one way ticket to UK???

i got my results today,
i thought i might fail at least 2 subjects
but ended up i passed all
but then after lectured by mum
YES, pass is not enough..well i got a B, practically speaking..
i am sick of all the nagging but yeah, mum you're right,
i am not satisfied with my results, i am afraid to lose, i don't like to lose, i am a kiasu fella,
i am happy at first but i realized i wasn't tht HAPPY afterall...
i guess every mum knows their children really well.
she said:" i m pretty sure you will pass all your subs but with a not-so-satisfied results.."
after all my important exams, she will predict my results and she is correct almost every time...
YEAH MUM, i didn't pay all my efforts so i will get a not-so-satisfied uni..
i am lazy, if i pay more attention or pay more hard work for sure i am IN CARDIFF...
i knew it..i reap what i sow.. i can't blame anyone, it's my own fault...
tht's why everyone congrats me but then i am not happy AT ALL..
i have small luck in exam, and i have little smart[xiao cong ming] i don't know what's tht called in english, tht's direct translation..
if i work harder ,i m IN..
so i accept the fact tht i deserved for everything i did..
i can go to UK and go to a not-so-satisfactory uni..
cheers!!i am fine don't worry...XD

here, fion presents one of her most favorite boy band......*drumrolls* ONE WAY!!!
so i m one of those one love
there are 3 members in one way which are Chance aka Michael, Peter , and Youngsky
3 of them lived in overseas[LA+AUS] and they met in overseas and they decided to go back to their motherland to debut so they bought only one way ticket back to Korea,that's where their name came from...and their music , hiphop style, LA style, which is different from other kpops!!
and one more these guys actually chat with us in twitter and they actually replied me!!!AS in @fionchow90 bla bla bla.. YES,they are THT friendly...
this is their twitter a/c
add them!!!!if you love their music..
ENJOY their music..
i love ONE WAY!!!

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