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Monday, June 14, 2010

moody + happy birthday mel

these few days i m being a lil cranky and emo
not PMS problem coz i rarely have one..i m just depressed and feel miserable
i don't know what's wrong with me i think maybe something activated my hibernation mode...=.=
i just need some rest..i m too tired with all those stuff happened around me
no matter what is it, it makes me feel so tired and bored,
i m trying hard to get rid of it but i failed, it just keep bothering me...i don't know how to describe this feelings, somehow, i think it's trivial, it will fade away anyway..so thanks for all the concern you guys gave, i m FINE..
i even went out with my peterpan's fans yesterday,we have loads of fun...and it was a blast..

c'mon ,i need to change the mood by talking about the birthday bash i planned for mel mel ,
everything seems stupid and not well planned but at last it goes smoothly coz the birthday girl really believe tht only me her and aaron could attend..well, i m not tht bad, i m doing everything secretly using FB Event, and asked them to send me her birthday wishes, but before tht i was planning something bigger but at last i failed, i thought of solo video clips by all of them,but due to technical problems, whittled it down to birthday notes wishes...
the MV was really hard[sorry for repeating it for so many times,can't help..], remember the longest video i made for my graduation year, tht's seriously HELL, it was 8 minutes and this time, for mel mel,i broke my record, it's almost 14 minutes, i used 1 week to finish everything frm collecting photos, editing photos, make it to a video, and the hardest part is to choose a suitable song for it..it took me FOREVER to choose a suitable song, i knew i am being bias for putting kpop but seriously if i put one english song one chinese and one kpop of course it will sounds WEIRD ritE?so i just put all kpop..and the results are pretty decent..XD and she loves it..so actually worth it..❤ luckily..really scared i botched up the whole thing..cuz i knew tht i m not a well organised person..thanks god...and thanks to them who cooperated, thanks to all of you sincerely. PLAN SUCCEED!!!!!


From Now onwards i will post at least one song in every post to introduce to all of my readers to show my appreciation,ignore if you ain't kpop fans XD

picture time

happy birthday!!!

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