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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MONEY i need you!!!!

OMFG...i need more $$$$$$$
i m so broke
i splurged almost 500 bucks on stuff of suju but none of it is with me,WHY?? long story, they said it's still in process =.= plainly ridiculous!!!! my boys in city 3 album book which cost 160 which was out around end of April and now? it's already mid of JUNE!!!well, they said the person in charge is having her final exam, okay, it's already JUNE guys!!!JUNE!!!! a bloody 1 month and you are still in EXAM??? what kind of exam are you having??? the 1st batch got it like 1 month ago, but the 2nd batch are still waiting!!could you be more effective??? pheww chill chill...heave a deep breath...Ashley and me waited for soooo effing long, the enthusiasm already fade away like so long ago...=.= gah..better be fast, if not i will disclose your shop name here which you don't want it to happen...*as if they know =.= FML

talking about money, i m getting myself a promoting job in those hypermarket near my house, at least i can make some money rather than rotting at home doing nothing and listen my mum carping or craping whatever...and mainly because i need MONEYYYYYYYYY...i just hope i have a cash printing machine at home, i don't do illegal stuff..LOL as you know i m studying law, please don't get me wrong, i was just envisaging...XD start to earn so tht money will flow in- the law of attraction...well, me and my mum got this conclusion tht if you are poor, money will not come to you, money will only go to rich people, which is quite true..so i want to be rich!!!teeheee *smirks*

owh, i just found out i m loving my blog now, and started back to blog because i wasted so much time on dealing with the html thingy this blog gave me inspiration and i feel tht i need to work it out, but then i m a lazy person so don't give high hope on me to BLOG EVERY SINGLE DAY, tht's utterly impossible!!

as i promised, here comes the music video frm wonder girls
2 different tears, it stuck to my brain after listening to it..
kinda like some 70's retro pop song ,i prefer the english version, and in frank, chinese version, sucks i just dont' like it..

and below is my heenim oppa lip sync and dance to 2DT..XD he's omfg CUTE!!XD
yours truly, fion chow

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