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Saturday, June 19, 2010

it's not 2am

it's not 2am now but i want to share their splendid song with you guys
they are really talented singers which born with heavenly voice
and 2am is a group that only sing BALLADS
ballad definiton: slow, romantic, sad and popular song
here you go..

2am - Can't Let You Go Even If You Die

their songs can heal me...when i have heart sick or whatever,
i will either cry listened to their songs or fall asleep peacefully
here goes another one,
this is so HURT, you can see frm the translation sub..
it's a live performance so it actually show their vocal thoroughly
they may not as hot as 2PM but
they are hot in their way, i heart them

2am- a confession of a friend

i've just watched the MTV special -super junior exit in YouTube..you guys can check it out as it's a really meaningful show where they actually went to Vietnam to publicize how serious is the trafficking situation in the world, the girls were cheated to China and to do something they don't want to, and i really feel like crying listened to their stories...and DongHae and LeeTeuk , both of them are my favourite member in SUJU, they went to visit those girls, and i really felt warm and contented...i think it must be damn hang fuk to be hugged by them..anyway no way for me to jealous about them as they are really pity..well, it's kinda like some documentary for me..worth a watch...trust me, not because of SuJu but it's about their heart..

oh ya i remembered about the clubbing photos finally XD
pitcha time!!

so that's all..
goodnight world!!! i gotta go to sleep...XD tomorrow working..

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