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Monday, June 14, 2010


another post frm me AGAIN...
apparently, getting my blog to be alive is my job right??
oh yeah i m here to deliver a msg tht Fion Chow will be getting her results 2 days later which is Thursday!!!it came so suddenly and i really couldn't accept the fact..i m dreading for the results..i think it might be a REAL BAD one..i m freak out now..
anyway i can't do anything now, to late to regret..i should've studied harder >.<
if i failed i gotta resit which means i gotta get back to the hell again!!!!!
it takes me so long to get rid of the hell and now you want me to go back again??HELL NO!!!
ARGH LEAVE IT..spoils my MOOD...

for now..i m craving for KOREAN FOOD!!!!!!
imma gonna plan a trip to daorae with my ELF friends
fyi, daorae is a korean bbq restaurant where those artist come to M'sia, they will definitely visit this restaurant,and it's famous of it's service..and ELF mean everlastingfriends, it's a name given by the leader of suju to the fans...so i am an ELF..i get to know alot of ELF frm facebook tht's really, happy to know them and a few of us are quite close but we only knew each others for like less than 3 months???it's a special bonding which made us closer than siblings...
owkays it's time for me to get on bed, if not my mum will harped on this issue again..GOOD NIGHT WORLD and peeps, please follow my twitter, i m a twitter addict nowadays due to my boys..XD LOLX tata..

f(x) 's Nu ABO

they are one of my current favourite girls group

this girl is Sulli, the favourite dongsaeng of heechul..she's so adorable aren't she?
she's just 16..OMO she makes me feel so old =.=
fyi, f(x) victoria is 22, amber is 18, sulli,luna,krystal all 16..
they still have a long way to go..anyway, they rocks in their age..❤

frm left-victoria, amber, krystal, sulli, luna
the are so cool in their style.xD unlike some..SLUT

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