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Saturday, June 26, 2010

dae han min guk hwaiting!!!!

did you guys catch up on any interesting fifa world cup match??
so did i mention that i love football???yeah i think i did, i am so into the fifa world cup...
will stuck to the tv everynight
okay the next question is which group i m supporting??

1st- South Korea

2nd- Argentina

3rd- Brazil

4th- England

just now did you watch the match between Uruguay and South Korea??
if yes, then you are really lucky
because that's a GREAT ONE
i kept screaming all the way for all the attempt shots they made..i mean south korea...
nah..i don't care..since my neighbor sucks..

you guys know him rite???he's frm MANU..i heart him coz i m MANU fans LOL..he's the team leader!!

he's the one who made the 1st goal for South Korea in the match with Greece..and he has the same name with my PARK JUNG SOO...=)

he is not handsome..but OMFG..he's real good in soccer!!!!! he's one of the striker

he's the cutest guy in the team!!!!!!!i love him i love him i love him!!XD wahahaha...

he's the hottest i can say..XD LOL and he's a very good footballer..

okay i better stop saying all these..but anyway
this match they really did a great job though they failed to qualify to the quarter final

and i really very mad with the referee...what's wrong with him???????
was he BLIND or he's BRIBED????=.=
don't let me see him in the final matches...FUCK IT!!!!
대한민국 화이팅
i typed the hangul character by myself one okay??!!!XD

@donghae861015 I'm very very proud of them!^^ Thank you for showing a really good match with no injuries!! Dae Han Min Guk Aza Aza Fighting!!! PWAYA!!!

@shfly3424: Rea~lly What a pity .. but it still reached the target qualified into Top 16. The players of Korea team Well done!! In order to do the broadcast commentary together for next Worldcup Yesung-i will study more & more & more !!

@onewaypeter: But for tonight I wanna keep saying 대한민국!!!!!!!!!!!
@taeccool대한민국 최고입니다!! 최선을 다하는 모습 너무 멋있어요!!

@alexander_0729: Nice match! Doesnt mean u gotta be 1st to be acknowledged~ 대한민국 대박!! UKISS never got 1st yet but we r still ackowledged by our fans~ hehe^^

@onewaypeter: That game has to be one of the most outstanding games Korea has ever played. Great attacking football.

tht's all the msg the artists frm Korea gave to them...

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