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Friday, May 28, 2010

my sucky life

i'd worked in the beauty EXPO in KLCC for 5 days...worked as a slave..i think my salary is even lower than those Bangladesh..as you can see, in the 1st day of preparation we're the only girls working in and out loading those BOXES and made up the RACKS with our BARE hANDS...WTF..GIRLS are DOING MENs WORKS...what a pathetic situation..the worst is..
eating CHICKEN RICE EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!going to become "quay" edi..=.=
anyway things have both side..pros and cons..i've met so many ppl and all the boys and girls are so friendly and polite and i got to see those artist frm taiwan..like SO NEAR...XXD but was too lazy to take picture of them..XD maklumlah i m working kan???
hmmm...and yesterday went to get our salary frm the "black shop" aka Hair Rock
and we go back with nothing in our pockets means the boss FFK-ed us and made us go there for nothing...
and TODAY someone received their payment in Bank and ONLY FOR RM440..=.= that's totally out of sense man...5 days of work and for 440..WTF man...that's the suckiest job i've ever received in my life..LOL 4 days of job + commission =RM440!!!??? do you know how many stuff i've sold for that 4 days time???it's definitely a lucrative business!!!!!! i've received many compliments frm the customers that i m a good worker and for my good attitude..and frm the sales i think i sold more than RM 5 thousand and the boss SAID:" we'll have the 10 best worker to get more commission than the others" well, since the 1st day i worked i already knew that it's all ABOUT LIE..he just simply lie so that we'll work harder for him..what a jerk!!!EFF YOU SEE KAY!!!! okay chill..it's not a big deal, since i knew that he's a sleaze ball frm the day i start working for him..
anyway now i m JOBLESS any intro??
i need job i need money i m definitely broke now..=.=

owh yeah FINALLY
i've BEEN TO A so called CLUB, G6 in the roof top of Gardens
SUCKS man the music is totally dOWN DOWN DOWN...
went day one day before of my job...
DJ, i tell you, if i'm the manager you must be FIRED!!!!
lazy to upload pictures anyway..stay tune for more pics.XD

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