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Friday, May 14, 2010

24 days!

WOAH.. I've counted on the calendar, it's officially 24 days i left my blog DEAD here, as you guys knew, i WAS* [noted, i m FREE now] having MY EXAM..so sorry for the real LOONNNG hiatus, it's not that i don't want to blog, every time i click into this page and i really couldn't think of anything to confess or to tell..WELL, laziness accumulated, and day by day, i don't feel to write anything,CONCLUSION : i am LAZY

struggling with my exam for almost one month plus :
1. long term of sleepless night, i turned out to be an insomniac, i m blogging in such a lovely morning 03:42AM AWESOMENESS
2. tonnes of notes and paper scattered on my table, it's a mess now, i gotta clean it up soon before get some scolding frm parents
3. might fail one to two subjects, worst come to worst,i should resit for the two papers..i screwed up my tort and land
4. FML..i look like a real life ZOMBIE now..due to those sleepless night, tense and stress, skin conditions getting worse, not to mention DARK CIRCLES

argh....AT LAST..finished the last paper today.. RELIEVE+REVIVE=i'm ALIVE

okay since i got nothing more to say, i shall talk about ma boys..then i'll have tonnes of info to talk.xD i know i m being bias..what to do???THEY ARE MY LOVE!!!haha...anyway i m lazy and feeling drowsy [just slept for 3 hours yesterday night] shalt talk about it next time...i think i hear someone screaming for JOY..=.= okay illusionary..

LASTLY, this MV is my LOVE ,recently blasted my hi-fi for one week repeating the same song non-stop..it's catchy..take a TRY..just 4 minutes..thankie for your support..you'll get intoxication FOR SURE, cause most of my friend are intoxication like me as well..
the dance are SEXY especially the pelvic thrust part..OMO i sounds pervert i know.LOL.and TEUKIE show his ABS!!!!i m CRAZY of his ABS for like 1434625242625.5345914 times!!XD

they achieved a record of 2ook pre-order of copies for this album"BONAMANA"
back in 2009, remember SORRY SORRY ??they achieved 250k of album sales and received a GOLD DISK AWARD..the album kings ARE BACK AGAIN !!!IT WILL BE A BLAST FOR SURE!

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