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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

law is not easy as you think

OMIGOSH...OKAY...after so long, eventually i m here to write a post about my life.. recently,well, too many things had happened in such a short time, so.... okay..i admit it..I M TOO LAZY to blog..and that's it..i barely even click in to see my blog, ouch..sorry bloggie, mummy wasn't here for past few weeks, mummy was too lazy...

anyway, i'm in my revision week and there're only two weeks before my finals...TENSE??STRESS??TIRED??yes..SUPERB TENSE, STRESS AND TIRED...having any problem in life??YES ALOT...i don't know what's wrong with me..easily pissed off, emotional-something like pms la...can't even really sit down and concentrate on my text book notes or whatever exam materials...the only thing i did which i was damn proud of it was, self learnt KOREAN LANGUAGE..how pathetic rite??안녕하셔요 ...but contrary, kinda proud..XXD

still obsessed over suju and kinda crazy about them,shindong and my donghae oppa has twitter and i just found out that donghae is using the same phone with me!!!BLACKBERRY 9000...imma gonna love my bb so much!!!!!!! i'm crazy!!! i really don't know why...it's been a while , i know...hmm..had loads to say about them but currently i m not in the mood to write about them..maybe after finals??hahaha...*to be continued then

gahhhhhhhH!!!i'm so STRESSS...i'm so DUMBBB
this is the laziest period in my life...and it's the most important time in my life too
how could i be so lazy??????
urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STUDY!!!!TORT TRUST LAND EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


fufu said...

yeah law is hard... study hard since you had chosen it... and do your best to go to uk ok? erm korean...i so wanna speak the language =p

Jun said...

Gambateh !!!