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Saturday, March 20, 2010

mix rice

wow,it's been a long long time since i wrote the previous post
haha... sorry for the hiatus, i was too lazy to blog as i was "BUSY", nah, i'm not studying a single bit, i'm in deep shit now. can't help with it, I was busy watching suju's video and watching and watching non-stop in the past two weeks until NOW, love them more and more, i just realized they are THAT ATTRACTIVE which made me watch youtube and sleep at 2am everyday!!! i think i'll just spoil my liver for them...haha...okay, over exaggerate but seriously, pimples are popping out on my forehead, which only happened few times when i studied for UEC during my high school days. today, suju's having a CONCERT in MALAYSIA..yes A CONCERT...and are you wondering :" why she's still here blogging??shouldn't you be at the concert?" i gotta cry T.T love them that much but couldn't attend at the concert, I M TOO BROKE!!!sorry super junior...i couldn't afford for the tickets...
anyway, i'll support you all HERE...in my HOUSE..in my STUDY ROOM...=.= i'm still listening to their songs, i shalt just imagine i'm singing with them...=.= fAILED to the MAX

self declared as their WIFE...my GROUP of hubby..=)

i think it's time for me to psych myself up for the coming Finals,coz i m still slacking as usual, i never really serious in studies before, all i have to do is read, memorize and go for it, it's all about sheer fluke for all these years..now, i m fretting like shit since i really don't have the "LAW MIND" or the"LAW KNOWLEDGE" or even the "LAW LOOKS"...T.T can i just depend on the so called LUCKINESS??? i don't think i can for this time, there's a phrase:" it's never too late"
so should i start from TODAY???damn..i m really stress and i ate loads of food everyday to distress and the consequence is i GAINED WEIGHT, it's totally a heavy blow for me, hmm, what should i do??? anyway, after the exam only i work hard on it lah[my weight]..not a big deal rite?? haha...how i wish i could be a shopaholic when in stress...XXXD

all pass by zhizhi innermi

today spending whole day hang out with this bunch of human: mayling Melissa TC Nicholas Logan Prince and Michael...had fun today..bought myself a hair band which is damn satisfying , ate a damn 7 spicy kimchichigae [AGAIN!!!] it was really syiok coz it's really spicy!!!!thumbs up!!!we watched a damn awesome movie- how to train a dragon in 3D, it's really nice and i love the dragons, damn cute..even dragon can be so damn cute now!!!XXXD talked loads and crap at carl's juniors and camwhore to the max....and at last tease Michael with mayling, damn memalufying..hmm about the storyline???it's really damn embarrass to tell it here la...anyway really had fun teasing Michael and watching him blushed!!!!!oops...sorry michael!!! just playing a fool around, don't mind ya!!! he's really damn cute and polite in person...[and pretty/handsome too - oppa mit shut so yo!!] any girls interested please call 01XXXXXXXXX..^^ i don't have his phone number neither..T.T now seems that i m the one who interested huh??? hahaha!!!just kidding la!!!! anyway really had fun today.

the 3 girls-get caught camwhore in the TOILET

moi & ze ML

i think the rest room should put a banner-"time are precious,camwhoring is prohibited in the ladies!!"

ze camwhore Queen B

moi in forever 21..


ze best hanging out friends XP

moi & ze MEL

us us us again..

ze GROUP--heart them

one concentrate on camera, whilst another CONCENTRATE on FOOD

the cutest creature on earth-ml michael bell [michael is kominam rite??]

ze group again

moi secam

the zu zais.XD
THE END..thanks for reading
leave comment PLEASE..XDD
love, fion

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fufu said...

welcome back and nice girls pictures ya...hohoho burger >< i have had enough here... show me more msian food :)