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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


1st, today, fion received a message from Mr William it says that i'll going to have my viva test on THIS SATURDAY, it was SO SUDDEN!!!! it ruined my whole Thursday plan which are shopping + clubbing + shisha..it should be a damn happening NIGHT which i always wanted since last year?? how many more last minute exam,classes?MR William????? it ruined ALL my nice plans, and the main thing is i disappointed my friend, today was really a bad day a bad bad day..SO SORRY TO RUIN YOUR PLAN,YOU GUYS STILL CAN HAVE FUN WITHOUT ME...really sorry

2nd, i was so damn pissed of someone that said something that's really improper, to me it's utterly schadenfreude, when i'm having trouble or problem, i want nothing from you...what i want is just a snippet of comfort, you get lots of fun when you cracked that"joke" or "lie" huh??that's what you call a FRIEND..well..that's your definition of friend, apparent, it's not mine. i can accept teases and jokes, but please watch out , and you failed to fake, it's so incredulous!!!i guess you're deliberately being spiteful on that second...okay, maybe i m wrong, tell me if it's REALLY A TRUTH...you made me felt so bad...is this what you want?? is it so hard to say:"nvm la...you still have enough time..it's not that much, you can do it" if you can't said something like that, just SHUT UP la...what the hell

3rd, i waited alone at the station for 30 minutes,the 2nd train also pass by the station already, my mum was so late, i was so mad, and i was so pissed, the anger accumulated and i burst out of tears, i really can't take so much pressure and stress at once..scolded by my mum because i drove so madly and i cried, she doesn't know anything beneath my anger and tears...she thought i was throwing a tantrum...

4th, reading the chapter 4 makes me brain dead, what to do with the LEGAL burden of proof?? only prosecution have the LEGAL burden of proof???and the evidential burden??is it only for the accused???

okay..i shall stop blogging and move on my ass and read those law...

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