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Saturday, February 6, 2010

had fun still

never wanted to talk about gloomy things yet the situations don't allowed me to do so, life is getting tedious and tiresome, i m REALLY grumpy and cranky now!!! feels that i m a curmudgeon all of a sudden =.= okay, i haven't reach that age yet. Everything is simply going against me! i had a full share of misfortune now, i don't think you wanna draw near me, bad luck probably might be contagious...Don't try to sabotage my forbearance, i can really be a bitch...luckily, there's still something good to light up my life...i m having this reunion thing with my high school friends,the s3AcJ..in hanpin's house, which is REALLY NEAR to my house and i only know until today!!!!what a joke right??? instead of what a joke i feel like saying WTF ??XD we had our steamboat, the really HOME MADE wan, but we did have fun today!! it's time to meet all those long lost friends..
well, today reached home at 3am, again...i know i m a nocturnal animal, heay, and so do my friends okay??they made me a nocturnal person...drank alot of beers tonight and i m having massive headache...hung over???not so EARLY gua???damn...the world seems to spin around ...damn i already missing them already, seriously, if they go back to Taiwan, my life will be back in dull again...TIRED..i shall go to bed..upload photos SOON..XD stay tune ya!!!
xoxo, love fion

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fufu said...

wow steamboat... i want... so cold here in germany ><