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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

friends for ever???

sometimes i will tend to think too much, who hates me, who likes me and why, this is me,
Yin wei will try all her best to repair whatever she could do, especially friendship, it will be common to all of the only child in the family?? i supposed...i always say, friends are important to me...i even tried to change myself, this is the most foolish and idiotic thing i've done in my life, reyjun told me, a friend accept you because who you are

now, there's a breakdown between us, not only because i feels that she hates me and me myself i have a feeling that i dislike the way she talks, now i m not trying to arouse a bicker, i want to solve problems, and i want to talk, i knew she would probably read my blog. i wrote one post related to her and i think she totally dislikes it and said:" if now like that you later want to say i show face to you again la?" in frank, i m being lenient to her because she's having her own problem, so i don't care to bother..if it's Yinwei in the past, i really don't know what i'll say to her and we will really fan min.

what happened to her actually??? bf gf relationships is greater than anythings? even friendship that she'd cherished for the past one year? at first, when she's in this relationship, we could noticed that she's back to the previous her, the one who loves to throw tantrum always, the one who's always being bad-tempered, we took how long to change her attitude?? i still could clearly remember the things that happened in the train, it took daniel how much of time to advise her??? i understood that she's feeling empty and unsafe, this is how she protect herself like last time?? she used to be so sweet and she's lovely, we love her so much, but then now i don't know what to do...we barely even talk now, i think she doesn't want to talk to me even, it's racking my brain, how could love change a person in such a short time??? who's with me now?? obviously no one!! i just couldn't understand?? she's skipping class for almost one week, what's wrong with her now?? how hard is her problem??made her lost herself and made her mad???

i hope you still remember what i said:" we are friends, how do we feel when you push us away?could you stand in our feet and FEEL what are we feeling right now?"
i wanna write this post for so many times yet i failed, i m so mad of you, i even started my post with foul language, but at last ended up i didn't publish it, because i knew it's definitely an impulse without any thinking, fear to lose a friend like that?? we can feels that you're unhappy, and we're afraid to make you mad or something, did you ever realized that?? do we deserves this fear?? they're caring every steps they made just don't want you to get mad, i knew i wasn't one of them, because i don't do things like that, i m being frank, like means like, don't like means don't like, you knew right?

anyway, i don't know how you feel if you read this post, we might not be friends anymore, take care, my friend, no matter what, you're big enough to solve your problems and try to take people's advise , accept or not, place it in your heart, don't ever turn people down...relationships between human memang is complicated wan, it's an important course for everyone...i think i failed in this subject...


Nick尼克仔 said...

everything will be okay la~
don't think too much~
Chinese new year is around the corner
cheer up fren~

fufu said...

hohoho dont worry!!! but one thing you gotta do now is be happy xin nian kuai le... gong xi fa cai and happy valentine's day :)