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Thursday, January 21, 2010


AT LAST...i m done with my piles of assignment [yeah right XD] i m finally done with it, my friend told me:"you don't ever talk about ASSIGNMENT in front of me, you sounds like you can't finish it FOREVER! "hahah!!!i know, because it really seems to be like gazillion piles of assignment to finish for me, actually it's just 3, anyway, it's quite a hard task for us, well, LAW IS NEVER AN EASY TASK... seriously, this is why i can't go out with my friends, i m using assignment as a pretext for so many times, and even when i m out with them, i keep on grumbling about my assignment, so , SORRY!!! AND NOW... i m out of this shit, so damn HAPPY, and the VIVA is postponed!!! AT last i can have loads of fun because my friends came back from Taiwan!!!OMG, i really miss them THAT lot, i don't think they can imagine how happy i was when i heard their voice on the phone...NOT EXAGGERATE!!!cross my heart!!!♥♥♥♥♥

well, relationships matters again! i m so over this topic but when it came to friendships i gotta mention it again, i know everyone have their own way of communicate but if you want a real friend, you gotta make it real as in treat people with your heart and not taking it for granted that everyone have to bear with your emotions, we're not your family, we're your friends, we asked because we really do care about you and don't give us that:" WHAT's WRONG WITH YOU" LOOK... we're not kepochi that like to care every details about your stuff, we're only worried so we asked you more about your stuff.. well, if you don't like then just tell us,at least talk PROPERLY can????? don't la every time like wanna have a fight like that, we didn't owe you like one hundred million dollars??? i m so tired about all these stuff already, we already know each other for 1 year, it's not a long period but i really do appreciate you all as my friends, as in best friends, so can you please think before you show your temper, we really DO CARE about you, and don't take those joke so serious, we didn't mean it, it's just for FUN...
i can feel that we're not that GROUP anymore, i can feel it as in we're not together in our heart, we're just keeping it as a FORM which i don't really like, the feelings when we went to Melaka?all GONE..maybe something had changed...friendship are THAT fragile???i supposed???kinda disappointed, and i really miss those time...which will never come back anymore...

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