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Monday, January 4, 2010

my thoughts, my feelings

well, i know i am lousy on writing emotional post, my English level is too poor and it's hard for me to express my feelings correctly and thoroughly, i wrote more emotional stuff in my space in Chinese, i CHOSE to write it in Chinese because my English sucks, maybe i shouldn't tell out that i m still writing in my space, it could be anticipated that some readers or my friends will sneaked in my space and read to know what's really happening now, anyway i have nothing to hide, therefore it should be exposed under the sun, and be a REAL me, i'm really sick of those fake and hypocrites stuff.

Oh Yeah, from now on i will TRY to write more about my feelings and my thoughts in English, in blogspot, plus to IMPROVE my sucky English... sometimes, people will say "you are good enough, mine even worst" bla bla bla. FYI, English is not only about blogging and stuff, it's in several ways, good in writing??nah..i am not..neither on speaking, i m suck at both, maybe listening too, i realized i can't listen to them if they speak too fast, Melissa usually will stopped and change the language to Cantonese, haha...too bad, my English sucks. i wonder why i chose LAW as my English is not that good after all???I REALLY WONDER WHY???? someone did tell me that LAW is not all about grammar, but first of all you must have certain level in English, i don't think i have that "certain" amount of level in that language, even teik chi asked me to send my assignment to Melissa to check for my grammar, PATHETIC. People with fluent English will not understand the plight of us with bad English. HOW PATHETIC.

in a glimpse of an eye, it's already the 5th day of year twenty ten-2010 , checked, it's land law assignment DUE DATE, guess what??miss Naveena is not feeling well, and the class was cancelled and MR William said we guys are giving him many excuse to delay the hand in, therefore, he said as the class was cancelled, we can hand in on Wednesday, it's maybe because the god heard the prayers voice and give us one more day and hand in the best assignment we have in our hands. WE shouldn't feel happy anyway because someone is sick, anyway we are still happy because we can hand in LATER. THANKS GOD.

well, you must be thinking, how many days do you need to finish ONE bloody Assignment oh???
FYI, i already finished and complete it like 7 days ago and i sent my assignment to our beloved miss naveena and she said this:"

my dear first of all there is no need to write the whole facts again.you are wasting your word count and your time.
are you sure C did not make any financial contributions??
what about PE claim for N??
are you sure your answer wont differ for unreg land??
maybe you shouod come and see me on tuesday after class with a print out of your work.

after receiving this email, it dampen all my spirits and all my passion towards LAND LAW, i'm having quite an amount of passion to this LAND LAW before that and at last it turned me down and i was disappointed to myself. i did a lousy assignment which the lecturer couldn't accept and can't wait to see me to correct my problems, anyway, she's a responsible lecturer and she wants us to hand in the best work, i can understand this. I'm just too disappoint, it was an exquisite pain!!!! i swear I've paid my best effort on it and i used how many day to finish it, AND NOW i am so lazy to even look at it, i left the window there and i am blogging and msn-ing in the same time. The realistic world is always ruthless, you have the brains, you have the look, people will swoon at you, in the contrary, you don't have the brains, you look ugly, no one will even look at you and give a damn on you, AGAIN, it is PATHETIC. okay, I shall stop to think cynically, and proceed with my assignment.

Wow, surprisingly, the post is super duper long, it's filled with WORDS...and most of it are my feelings and thoughts..GOOD JOB!!!!

p/s: feeling blissful now, you can't imagine how easy to have this blissful feeling than you ever thought of, it can be just a simple smile that can melts your heart...=)xoxo


Nick尼克仔 said...

this post is really long...
your english is good enough la~
at least you can write it out...
hor...I can't~
hope you can be happier after release all your stressful things~
all the best la~

fufu said...

yeah agree with nick... your english is good :) and it is great to throw out all your feeling here... to destress.... and share the good and bad stuff with us :) anyway happy 2010

AliVe said...

gud luck to u...