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Saturday, January 23, 2010

missing you you you you you you you

My eyes are closing as i just came back mamaking with my bunch of friends, but i told myself i must blog today since yesterday were busy gathering with my friends,YES!!! my friends, high school friends, which is my beloved gang, and i tried to blog with blackberry but it doesn't work!!=.=
Well, i m really feeling contented, warm and safe, with my friends. Few of my friends were back from Taiwan for holidays, really miss them a lot which i'd mentioned in the previous post, really enjoy spending times with them. Hanging out with them is totally different from the college gang, we can sit in the mamak for 3-4 hours only talking non-stop, that's already our culture, whereas, college gang might prefer going for a movie or having a stroll in the mall. NOT to say that we don't go for movie or go to the mall, we will, but we'll do it ALL TOGETHER, we can't waste any single drop of time, any single minute is to be cherished, as i said, time is always not enough for us.
Yesterday went for dinner together in BBT at my place there then we headed to AEON as usual and went for a small sing k session, A REALLY SMALL one, we sang in the transparent glass aka capsule karaoke room or something, don't really remember the exact name of the thing XD OMGEE, i m so so so so so loving them, really enjoy the time singing with them, they will choose the songs that we ALL really love, JUNE and BOEY, really miss those time that we will chose all nice Cantonese songs.And At LAST i saw this MR LAWRENCE!!!AT LAST, he changed to er....okay, well, you really look nice yesterday night, and i scream in the room when i saw him outside. really want to scram out of the room and go to talk to him, and at last i did XD and talked a while with Mr Jie Qing, as usual he's still the same, not much change..HAHA, guess what, EVERYONE OF THEM TOLD ME:"yinwei, ni zhen de shou le"[yinwei, you really slim down liao] XXXXXXXXXD haha...omgee made me kembang saja..thank you...i'm flattered, AND happy of course, it feels so surreal, they are just beside me~!!we met a few teachers of us, high school teacher, every thing just come so sudden, and everyone was startled to meet the teachers, but then it's really good to meet the teachers, especially huang de sheng, he didn't changed at all, still that face, still that muscular body, still so talkative...XD then we had mamak session again then went for late night movie-woohoo!!!it's a malaysia production, a nice chinese new year movie, quite nice though, can see alot of typical Malaysian lifestyle!!!two thumbs up for this movie!!XD it's FUNNY as well...

Talked damn a lot today, i can feel that my throat is burning XD
had dinner in sheng mei AGAIN...
watched tv show together and crap loads of stuff about the celebs and singing in front of the tv, well, we just craved for karaoke!!!!!anyway, enjoy seeing us making fool of each other, it's just indescribable!!!
GOD Damn!! i should've skipped the class today, i wanna listen stories from Lawrence, i heard that he had a SPEECH for 3 hours non-stop when having breakfast with them, too bad, i gotta rush to the morning class...T.T i missed the really exciting stories...WHEN CAN WE MEET AGAIN???we need a talk man....

And not to forget to mention, today i went to ts with sy, too bad she's not in her mood i think????
she's EMOING???didn't ask her much because i don't like people to ask when i am in my bad mood...
feeling so suffocating cuz that place is bustling with peoples...it's like THEY NEVER SHOP BEFORE, that place is like a twin of KLCC, i hate packed places, it's hard to breath and it's too noisy, anyway i still bought something for myself, if not i will hate myself forever, went there for nothing..XD
okay, i shall stop here, i need to get on my bed, my mum is having menopause i think, she can't bear with me...ciao...don't wanna make her angry and FION's going to DYE her hair tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!for the very 1st time!!!wish me luck!!!XD

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SiNgyING said...

eh i emo?
nola coz there many ppl la.
make me damn bo song.
compld like shit la tht place.
cnt go wan.